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Updates on February 20, 2018

Porting Kit logo
Ports Windows games to Mac.

Updates on February 19, 2018

Origin logo
Find, download, and buy games from EA.

Updates on February 7, 2018

Farming Simulator 17 logo
Welcome to the new generation of farming.

Updates on February 3, 2018

GameSalad logo
Develop iOS games without programming experience.

Updates on February 2, 2018

Erockus Arcade logo
Front-end for SDLMAME.

Updates on January 31, 2018

iTrain logo
Control your model railroad on your Mac.

These Mac apps are great for

Updates on January 27, 2018

Nice Shot logo
Tweak video settings for Rocket League.

Updates on January 26, 2018

Turtle Beach Audio Hub logo
Keep your Turtle Beach headset updated.

Updates on January 20, 2018

MacGameStore logo
Download, purchase, and manage Mac games.

Updates on January 4, 2018

Mitch for Twitch logo
Lightweight native Twitch app.

Updates on December 19, 2017

OpenEmu logo
Open Source game-emulation app (beta).

Updates on December 15, 2017

Gameshow logo
Powerful game streaming tool.

Updates on December 2, 2017

ControllerMate logo
Use a joystick, gamepad, or trackball in place of your keyboard.

Updates on November 29, 2017

iSwiff logo
Play Flash games without a browser.

Updates on October 26, 2017

Curse Client logo
Add-on manager.

Updates on September 27, 2017

Cosmo Run logo
Arcade game with ever-changing aspect of the play-world.

Updates on September 15, 2017

GOG Galaxy logo
Truly gamer friendly, DRM-free online gaming platform.

Updates on July 24, 2017

JMRI: DecoderPro logo
Program model railroad DCC decoders.

Updates on July 6, 2017

Roblox logo
Authoring platform for the Roblox user-generated 3D gaming community.

Updates on June 9, 2017

Zap Line logo
Connect the Colors Puzzle Game.

Updates on March 23, 2017

Hattrick Organizer logo
Sports team management tool.

Updates on March 13, 2017

PS4 Remote Play logo
Get your play on from anywhere on your Wi-Fi network.

Updates on February 13, 2017

HaloMD logo
Relive the Halo demo experience.

Updates on February 8, 2017

Bit Slicer logo
Search and modify values to cheat in video games.

Updates on January 25, 2017

Business Bingo 90 logo
Perform all the functions of old fashioned 90 number bingo calling equipment.

Updates on January 24, 2017

Bingo Caller Pro 90 logo
Pro-level tool for a 90-number Bingo party.
Bingo Caller 90 logo
Run a 90-number bingo party.

Updates on November 16, 2016

Joystick And Gamepad Tester logo
Test your digital and analog USB game devices.

Updates on October 27, 2016

Dolphin logo
Cross-platform Open-Source Gamecube/Wii emulator.

Updates on August 25, 2016

ROMlaunch logo
Launch ROMs with their respective emulators directly from Finder.

Updates on August 22, 2016

Map for Pokemon Go logo
Shows map of points of interest for Pokemon Go.

Updates on August 17, 2016

Steam logo
Multiplayer and communications platform for gaming.

Updates on August 6, 2016

Democracy 3 logo
Run the country.

Updates on July 31, 2016

80 Days logo
1872, with a steampunk twist.

Updates on June 11, 2016

KOPlayer logo
Free Android emulator.

Updates on June 10, 2016

Bridge Constructor logo
Become an accomplished bridge builder without any formal training.

Updates on June 1, 2016

Sexy Boys Slot logo
Fun and masculine slot machine game.
Sexy Girls Slot logo
Fun and wild slots machine game.

Updates on March 28, 2016

Boxer logo
MS-DOS game emulation based on DOSBox.

Updates on March 17, 2016

DiscoRunner logo
Multi-dialect BASIC interpreter.

Updates on February 19, 2016

OlliOlli logo
Addictive one-life gameplay with over 120 tricks and grinds.
Hatoful Boyfriend logo
You’ve been accepted as the only human student at a school for birds.

Updates on February 18, 2016

Real Boxing logo
Lace up your boots and grab your gloves, its time to box.

Updates on February 15, 2016

The Sandbox logo
Craft your own world with pixel art.

Updates on February 4, 2016

Ferris Mueller's Day Off logo
Life moves pretty fast.

Updates on January 20, 2016

Sprite Monkey logo
Sprite sheet and strip maker.

Updates on January 7, 2016

Portal logo
Manipulate and surmise the possibilities in a given environment.

Updates on January 5, 2016

Wargame: Red Dragon logo
Engage in large-scale conflict where Western forces.

Updates on January 4, 2016

Touchgrind BMX logo
Become a BMX master.

Updates on January 2, 2016

The Magic Circle logo
Adventure through the development of hell.

Updates on December 28, 2015

Super Hexagon logo
Minimalistic action game.
Leo's Fortune logo
Hunt down the cunning and mysterious thief that stole your gold.
Transistor logo
Adventure through a futuristic city.

Updates on December 23, 2015

sixtyforce logo
Play Nintendo 64 games on your Mac.
BOOM Level Editor logo
Create and install new levels for the popular puzzle game.

Updates on November 28, 2015

PFStdMonsterPrint logo
Layout and printing utility for Pathfinder monsters.

Updates on November 6, 2015

BorderTool TPS logo
Saved-game editor for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (beta).
BorderTool 2 logo
Saved-game editor for Borderlands 2 (beta).

Updates on November 5, 2015

Tactical Poker logo
Challenge yourself in this unique variation of the classical five-card draw Poker game.

Updates on October 23, 2015

VirtualC64 logo
Commodore 64 emulator.

Updates on October 19, 2015

PFMonsterEntry logo
Simple monster entry for Pathfinder RPG.

Updates on October 12, 2015

Scrabbler Aid logo
Find possible permutations for a set of letters.

Updates on September 9, 2015

DieRoll logo
Die roller with networking functionality.

Updates on August 11, 2015

WowMatrix logo
World of Warcraft addon updater.

Updates on July 1, 2015

Creepr logo
Monitor Minecraft servers.

Updates on June 17, 2015

Hasten logo
Reduces lag for online gaming and VoIP.

Updates on June 2, 2015

MultiMC logo
Manage multiple, separate instances of Minecraft and their mods.

Updates on May 10, 2015

Bingo Cards Sp logo
Print bingo cards with top and bottom labels and free-space images.

Updates on April 15, 2015

DeSmuME logo
The feature-rich, yet easy-to-use, Nintendo DS emulator.

Updates on February 11, 2015

Magic Launcher logo
Minecraft mod launcher.

Updates on January 23, 2015

Xbox One Controller Enabler logo
Use your Xbox One controller on OS X.

Updates on November 19, 2014

Minion logo
Keep your MMO addons up-to-date (beta).

Updates on October 24, 2014

Joystick Show logo
Joystick/gamepad visualization and tester app.

Updates on October 13, 2014

Revelator logo
Extract data files from Myst IV.

Updates on September 30, 2014

Riveal logo
Extracts sounds, movies, and pictures from Myst.

Updates on September 18, 2014

Bridge Dealer Sp logo
Generate and present a fourth Bridge hand.

Updates on July 30, 2014

Dapplegrey logo
GUI for DOSBox DOS emulator.

Updates on June 8, 2014

GamePad Companion logo
Make any joystick compatible with OS X.

Updates on May 18, 2014

vpk logo
Convert folders into VPK files and vice-versa.

Updates on May 7, 2014

Sprite Monkey Junior logo
Create sprite sheets and scripts.

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