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Updates on December 14, 2018
Find contacts in webpages, e-mails, letters, department listings and more.
Updates on December 13, 2018
Knowledge base, information manager, and much more.
Intelligent notepad.
Knowledge base, information manager, and much more.
Create up to 500,000 random passwords.
Updates on December 12, 2018
Contact management for business.

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Updates on December 11, 2018
Free digital notebook.
Keep your Mac unlocked when you're at home.
Updates on December 7, 2018
Password management app.
Simple sticky notes app and Today widget.
Updates on December 6, 2018
Store notes, web links, and documents in one place.
Track your customer and client relationships.
Updates on December 5, 2018
Your daily events directly on the desktop.
Edit Contacts' address book database.
Updates on December 3, 2018
Electronic agenda.
Updates on December 1, 2018
Backup your notes to the cloud.
Personal database software.
Updates on November 30, 2018
Upcoming birthdays reminder.
Updates on November 28, 2018
Multi-featured alarm clock system.
Simple countdown timer.
Tag visualizer and search utility.
Contacts and management tool.
Updates on November 27, 2018
Authentication services for secure network access.
OBD2 car-diagnostic scan tool.
Updates on November 25, 2018
Log details of phone calls.
Updates on November 23, 2018
Plain text note taking.
Updates on November 21, 2018
Take notes from the menu bar (was NotesTab Pro).
Updates on November 19, 2018
Personal productivity tool.
Create clocks used my DJ's for music play time.
Updates on November 18, 2018
Birthday and event reminder.
Updates on November 17, 2018
Menubar calendar.
Encrypted, password-protected database for OS X and iPhone.
Updates on November 16, 2018
Track time from your desktop.
Updates on November 15, 2018
Maintain a daily journal.
Personal task manager.
Updates on November 14, 2018
Organizational app with several functions.
Stopwatch and time-tracking tool.
Updates on November 13, 2018
Simple yet powerful task manager.
Updates on November 12, 2018
Securely store logins and other secure information.
Easily keep track of your important information.
Updates on November 8, 2018
View iCal events in a window or as screensaver (was iCalViewer).
Updates on October 31, 2018
Powerful and flexible password manager.
Updates on October 30, 2018
Full-featured calendar with integrated full-featured task manager.
Updates on October 26, 2018
Powerful calendar app with multiple syncing options.
Manage your contacts.
Updates on October 25, 2018
Save your stuff.
Updates on October 24, 2018
Streamlined desktop calendar.
Updates on October 23, 2018
Keep track of your flight hours.
Updates on October 22, 2018
Know at any moment the status of your shipments.
Task management tool inspired by the Getting Things Done philosophy.
Updates on October 17, 2018
Free version of a popular notepad.
Updates on October 3, 2018
Draw out your calendar events.
Updates on September 30, 2018
An all-around scheduling utility.
Updates on September 28, 2018
Organize Web pages, notes and documents into a visual map.
Take notes from the menu bar.
Updates on September 26, 2018
Sticky notes.
Updates on September 24, 2018
A place to keep notes.
Innovative personal database.
Updates on September 21, 2018
Store and organize your notes, ideas, and plans.
Updates on September 20, 2018
Structure your thoughts in a simple designed way.
Updates on September 19, 2018
Password management system.
Updates on September 15, 2018
Manage all your tasks, notes, files, projects, and contacts.
Updates on September 11, 2018
Update your Kerberos tickets.
Updates on September 5, 2018
Access your monthly calendar quickly and easily.
Password management and synchronization.
Updates on September 4, 2018
Get reminders about important dates and events.
Updates on August 29, 2018
Quickly save and access information.
Updates on August 22, 2018
Archive and search documents of various formats.
Updates on August 21, 2018
Manage your shift schedule.
Updates on July 20, 2018
Stop working and get more done.
Updates on July 16, 2018
Simple time tracking.
Updates on July 5, 2018
Record system for breeders and animal enthusiasts (was Kintraks).
Updates on July 3, 2018
Shared family calendar.
Updates on June 28, 2018
Convenient access to BuildingPulse services.
Updates on June 27, 2018
Time logging for freelancers, professionals, and contractors.
Updates on June 15, 2018
Task manager.
Updates on June 13, 2018
Save notes in multiple formats.
Updates on June 7, 2018
Track your work time or billable hours.
License management app for iLok.
Updates on May 26, 2018
Feature-rich journaling application.

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