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Macally ICEKey Driver contains special drivers to enhance the functionality of the Macally ICEKey 108-button USB slim keyboard.
What's New
Version 1.1 is now a Universal Binary, compatible with Intel-based Macs.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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Macally ICEKey Dri... User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Drdul commented on 17 Nov 2008
Don't use this driver. I found it conflicted with another app, and given that the app is far more important to me than the volume and eject buttons, I removed the driver. I'm using the keyboard with a MacBook Pro, and with FunctionFlip I have activated F3, F4 and F5 as volume control keys.
[Version 1.1]



magentis reviewed on 30 Aug 2007
Well I just got the Icekey and I'm really growing to like the keyboard, but the driver is atrocious.

The only benefit is that you can use the volume and eject keys. I don't know why they don't work out of the box.

After installation everything seemed to work fine for a while. The volume properly adjusted. However, sometimes I'd notice the caps/num lock light's flash briefly. No adverse affects, just bizzare.

The real pain is this:
One day while listening to music (and touching nothing) the volume suddenly maxes out and keeps blipping (that volume change noise, despite having it turned off in the preferences) and it continues to make the noise and show the volume adjustment overlay until I press one of the volume keys. This has happened multiple times since. It's even happned about 3 times while I was sleeping. I come to the computer in the morning to hear "blip blip blip blip" and see the overlay when I turn on the monitor. Who knows how many hours it was doing this.

I should explain I'm running 10.4.10 (current on updates) and I've never had this problem previous to the driver installation and I installed nothing else in quite some time. So after having it with the driver I removed it and everything's been fine since.

Truly, an obnoxious driver that I would recommend avoiding. Just put your volume control on the menu bar. It's not the same but it's better than having to put up with this driver.
[Version 1.1]


starbro reviewed on 16 Jul 2007
Using the volume control keys on the ICEKey will cause the expand/collapse triangle to become unresponsive in many apps. I have tested this to be the case in iPhoto, iTunes, Safari, and Mail.

After adjusting the volume from the ICEKey, you may click the triangle twice at most before it becomes unresponsive. You then have to click something else before you can click the triangle again. Normally, you can click the triangle consecutively as many times as you want to expand/collapse a tree.

Here's an example:
1) In Safari, open your bookmarks.
2) Adjust the system volume using the ICEKey.
3) Click on the triangle next to a bookmarks folder to expand the folder tree.
4) Click it a second time to collapse the tree.
5) Now click it a third time... it will not respond because the ICEKey drivers are now interfering.
6) Click somewhere else, then go back and click the triangle. It should be responsive again for two more clicks, then become unresponsive again.

If you have an MacBook or MacBook Pro, restart your system, but this time use the volume adjust keys on the MacBook's keyboard (F4/F5), not the ICEKey. Then click on the triangle next to the Safari Bookmarks folder. You should be able to click it consecutively as often as you want. Now adjust the volume using the ICEKey and click on the triangle. Boom.... unresponsive again after two clicks.

So as you can see, this problem only occurs if you use the ICEKey's volume control keys at least once after your system is booted. Only a system restart will revert the triangle responsiveness back to normal. And it will continue to work normally as long as you avoid using the ICEKey's volume control keys.

Macally needs to fix this. Until then, I would not recommend installing these drivers.
[Version 1.1]

tiyberius commented on 11 May 2007
I've read about complaints about the poor driver quality for this keyboard, and I'd have to say they I've had a HORRIBLE experience with the volume keys and the eject button.

While this is a nice keyboard with short travel (although it does feel a bit cheap), the drivers are in fact TERRIBLE. I put my comptuer to sleep and wake it up again, and the volume keys and eject button don't work.

Come on, Macally, you can do better than that.
[Version 1.1]

Grotta commented on 01 Mar 2005
When I use Macally ICEKey I can´t run fsck on my computer, so I have to go back to my Apple keyboard.
[Version 1.0b3]


Djinny1221 reviewed on 24 Feb 2005
Just installed on 10.3.8. Works great!
[Version 1.0b3]


Anonymous reviewed on 05 Jan 2005
To l008com:

Do you know of any third-party keyboards with Eject/Volume keys that do NOT require a driver? I don't.

Also, how sure are you that it's a wiring problem and not some other issue? It's perfectly conceivable that Apple's keyboard driver somehow knows this is not an Apple keyboard (like, maybe it looks for an Apple model number, or sees that the USB "Vendor Name" is not "Apple"), and doesn't respond to those keys as a result, since some third-party keyboards don't have those keys.
[Version 1.0b3]

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Maruko Drinking Team replied on 24 Aug 2006
Matias Tactile Pro. No driver needed, and it has all the keys. I think needing a driver sucks for a keyboard, and this one has had bugs in the past (related to screwing up the system's input device idle time counters--the Macally driver would make all your input devices register as being idle for many years (on Intel anyway)).

Despite that glaring flaw, I like and use this keyboard. The low-profile thing with the full-size layout is great.


l008com reviewed on 29 Dec 2004
Right off the bat, a keyboard the requires drivers is not a good thing. My mom really wanted this keyboard because I kicked her off my iBook and she got used to the thin low travel keys. This was the best keyboard i could find that had those kind of keys. It mimics every key on the apple pro keyboard, even the volume and eject keys. So you'd think it would work flawlessly out of the box, but it doesn't. It says you need the driver to use the volume and eject keys. You shouldn't have to install a driver for something like that, so already you can tell they aren't doing things the right way. Now I installed the driver, cause I wanted her to have those super useful keys. Well it makes you reboot, and when you reboot, the keyboard goes totally dead. No keys work at all. I can't even log in. I had to uninstall the driver over remote desktop to get the keyboard to work again. Now it works, but no Volume or Eject keys. Kinda sucks. It should simply mimic the apple keyboard signals for those keys and then be interpreted by the system the same way. But it doesn't. Unfortunately, this review isn't really going to help anyone, since anyone who finds it is going to already have the keyboard. These drives are from 2002 so they are way outdated, but they are the ones that come on the CD so you shouldn't have to re download them. Also I am using 10.3.7.
[Version 1.0b3]

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Date:24 Aug 2006
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Macally ICEKey Driver contains special drivers to enhance the functionality of the Macally ICEKey 108-button USB slim keyboard.

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