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06 January 2003

Hotline client.


Hotpants is fully Hotline-1.2.3-compatible, with all the standard features, plus a few additions. Hotpants features flexible timestamps, logging chat to disk, and supports the public chat subject. The private message system combines the classic message-window system with modern history and automatic response features. It can be used in either multiple-window or single-window modes. At long last, it is possible to mute individual chatters client-side. Other advanced features including integrated support for Synapse HXD's invisibility system, automatic login, and a macro system that allows more flexibility in chat and private messages than ever before. Hotpants uses Mac OS X's column view in the file area, along with a live-updating info view and proper drag-and-drop manipulation. Hotpants uses the completely new Neticons system in which icons are downloaded one at a time instead of being stored in sets. Icons can have metadata (name, author), and icon collections can vary by server.

What's new in Hotpants

Version 1.2.1 fixes the following:
  • Default icon server locations changed to new URL. This will NOT change the URLs if you are already using Hotpants; go to for more information.
  • Fixed resuming downloads, which had been broken at some point.

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