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30 September 2002

Hardware/software combo, monitor your Mac server.


Note: To purchase the hardware required for MacStat, see Related Links near bottom of this page.

MacStat is a totally new software and hardware combination (see Related Links, near bottom of this page to purchase the hardware) that will allow you to view a variety of normally hidden information about your Mac computer including CPU load, computer uptime (length of time since booting), amoun of free memory, the number of currently running processes and either a computer efficiency rating or free hard disk space.

Using a small Mac OS application running in the background various data is constantly and unobtrusively collected and displayed on an external LCD display unit. The MacStat LCD display unit interfaces through an unused serial port on your Mac and is controlled entirely via the MacStat application. MacStat is ideally suited for networked Macs acting as servers, Macs used as terminals or for performance evaluation on specific computers that are being heavily used in a variety of computing environments. Since the MacStat LCD Display is controlled entirely via the MacStat application adding new features is as easy as using different software. You will not have to purchase new hardware to gain the new features of the software.

MacStat was originally designed to be use a standard RS-232 serial port common to all Mac models until the introduction of the iMac computer in 1999. Using RS-232 serial ports allowed MacStat to support the widest range of computer hardware including PCs. If you already have a USB-to-serial adapter you can use MacStat. If not you can easily purchase a fully compatible serial port add-on to use a MacStat LCD display. MacStat includes a cable with a DIN-8 type of connector (small round plug). If your adapter does not have a DIN-8 connector it will require an adaptor. The following USB-to-serial adapters have a DIN-8 connector: Keyspan Twin Port USB-Serial adapter, Keyspan 4 Port RS-232 PCI Card, Gee Three Stealth Serial Port.


  • AppleScriptable MacStat application allowing the user to display customized information as needed.
  • Continuous Mac Status updates via the external LCD screen.
  • Easy to view large format LCD screen capable of displaying a total of 40 characters on two lines of text. Includes uppercase/lowercase, numbers, punctuation and special characters.
  • Standard Mac Serial Port interface utilizing the Mac OS Communications Toolbox (Serial Port expansion card-compatible) 

What's new in MacStat

Version adds the following:
  • Process counting method changed to include all daemons and other BSD-only tasks.
  • A background-only version of the software for true server operation is now included.

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App requirements: 
  • PPC 32
  • Mac OS X 10.1.5 or later
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