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31 August 2020

Display and manipulate crystal structures.


CrystalMaker is an award-winning Mac program for building, displaying and manipulating all kinds of crystal and molecular structures.

CrystalMaker makes it easy to load structural data and generate photo-realistic images, with the option of "out-of-the-screen" 3D images. Models can be displayed immediately in ball-and-stick, thermal ellipsoid, space-filling, wire-frame, stick and polyhedral model types. All aspects of the model can be extensively customized, with a wide range of photo-realistic or stylized "line-art" representations. See our online gallery for 3D movies, rotating crystals, animations, and slideshows.

CrystalMaker is offered at a variety of price points for various license types. The published price is that of the standard license, typical of professional licenses. There are also educational and student licenses available for qualifying purchases. The pricing schema can be found here.

What's new in CrystalMaker

Version 10.5.4:
  • New Van-der-Waals Radii. This version of CrystalMaker includes a fully-revised set of van-der-Waals radii, using recent data published by Prof Santiago Alvarez (and others). This provides a vastly-more comprehensive coverage, with more-accurate values
  • New Bond Range Generation for Text Files. CrystalMaker text files (CMTX) can now include new "BRNG" cards which specify automatic bond (and hence polyhedra) generation between a specified pair of element symbols, within the specified distance range. Such cards provide a more-precise alternative to the existing "BOND" or "BMAX" cards
  • Please see Appendix B: CrystalMaker Text Format in the CrystalMaker User's Guide for more details

This version includes miscellaneous enhancements and fixes:

  • Added a workaround for incomplete (and technically, invalid) AXSF files. Any invalid structures are now skipped, allowing the program to load remaining (valid) structures. Error messages also now include line numbers for easier self-diagnosis
  • CrystalMaker can now parse CMTX files with NOTE lines containing fewer than four characters, and should correctly respect any "hard returns" inserted within the text
  • Fixed a rare issue with Stick plots that use thin bond styles; the "elbow joints" connecting thin sticks were drawn at the wrong radii
  • An extremely-rare bug with the display of near-vertical bond cylinders has been resolved
  • The window Ruler is now automatically updated when entering an explicit scale via the Set Scale command
  • Fixed a rare issue with dashed lines occasionally being drawn at the edge of a polyhedron (rather than only being shown for occluded rear edges). The issue was related to a mismatch between the geometric centroid of the polyhedron, and the location of its host atom

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3 Reviews of CrystalMaker

11 July 2014
Version: 9.0.4

Most helpful

$750.00??? I'm stunned... I can't even afford the Expansion Pack to Diablo III.
11 July 2014
Version: 9.0.4
$750.00??? I'm stunned... I can't even afford the Expansion Pack to Diablo III.
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Tom Albright
03 August 2003
Version: 6.2.2
Tim is absolutely right-on! This is far and away the best molecular illustration program on the market.
09 June 2003
Version: 6.2
The 5-star rating given to this software by MacWorld is entirely justified. It looks gorgeous, it is remarkably intuitive and produces some structure effects that I have always wanted. I can download cif files from journal web sites and or use those I have from our own research and have a stunning picture in a remarkable short time. One MINOR complaint: when an incompatible file is used for input (e.g., a cif file on which a publisher has put in extraneous material on the front tend), the program hangs and a "force-quit" is necessary.