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Project Desktop

13 November 2007

Business project tracker.


Project Desktop is a visual tool to help plan and track business or home projects.

It helps you organize the tasks in a complex project, assign budgets, estimate completion times and costs, create dependencies between tasks, and automatically schedule the tasks in a logical way. As the tasks progress, you can update status information for tasks. Gantt charts and customizable reports allow you to get a precise view of the progress of a large project.

What's new in Project Desktop

Version 3.9:

  • Enhancements
    • Display of constraint icons when selecting
    • Licence dialog in Enterprise install.
    • Improved error logging for reading .mpp files
    • Upgraded to latest version of MPXJ library
    • Added dialog for early detection of invalid date inputs
    • Clearer messages for offline synchronization
    • New option to ignore offline changes and go online
    • Prominent display of offline/online status
    • Archived projects now shown in a table with sortable columns
    • More detailed messages of date and constraint adjustments
    • Additions to documentation
  • Bugs fixed
    • Actual start and finish filters not working properly
    • Fixed bug in planned value calculation
    • Subprojects losing their parents when made accessible to multiple users
    • Tree jumps when a project is expanded with many projects visible.
    • Spec in JNLP file was causing the client to fail on some systems
    • Mailer was failing on smtp servers in different domains
    • Access control settings should not get copied when copying projects
    • Date change dialog allowed setting of finish date before start date
    • When Quick-Adding subprojects at the bottom of the screen, the newly added project is hidden.
    • Edit permissions on columns not properly set when switching between Manage, Track and Observe tabs.
    • Bold and italic options for reports not working properly.

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3 Project Desktop Reviews

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25 December 2003

Most helpful

Slow Java crap. Watch out.
Version 1.27
11 April 2004
One of the comments below states that this program is the only Mac program that imports MS Project files. That's not accurate. The application PMX also imports both mpp and mpx files. I bought this program last year and tried to use it. Unfortunately, it has some severe limitations. If you're working on more than one project they all have to be in the same file. The terminology used is non-standard, so you can't use it in a group environment or use it to communicate with anyone else. You don't buy this program, you lease it on a subscription basis. When it came time to renew, I didn't bother. There are better Mac-based project management tools out there for the same price or cheaper.
Version 2.1
24 January 2004
OK port to the Mac, but needs work. Tested on 10.3. Only Mac OS X prj mgmt app that imports .mpp files from MS Project, which is key for integration in a Windows environment. 'Calendar view' and 'Generate task list' kept generating errors. Can't change fonts at all. No right-button or scroll-wheel mouse functionality. Can't seem to change colors in Gantt charts correctly. Can't change any fonts or font sizes.
Version 1.27
25 December 2003
Slow Java crap. Watch out.
Version 1.27


App requirements: 
  • Intel 32
  • PPC 32
  • Mac OS X 10.1.5 or later

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