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Astral Blossom2.3

31 July 2013

Geometric kaleidoscope-style screen saver.


Astral Blossom is a visually mesmerizing screen saver for Mac OS X available from Imaja, taking you on a journey through a lotus-like kaleidoscope. Beautiful color themes may now be selected by the user from tranquil earth tones to bright and vibrant visual elixirs. The drawing tempo, another new addition, lets you play with the effects allowing for an entire spectrum of inviting rhythms and modes.

Experiment with the petal count to create beautiful mandalas, alluring passion flowers, and many more inviting journeys through an infinite number of sacred geometrical patterns.

Astral Blossom is a great visual compliment to your music library, creating a shape-shifting trip through this transfixing tunnel of trance.

What's new in Astral Blossom

Version 2.3:
  • Updated for compatibility with OS X 10.8, OS X 10.7, and OS X 10.6.
  • Color Themes offer a wide range of styles of color for different moods. Color Themes can be randomized for surprising effects.
  • The new Speed control lets you select relaxing slow speeds through exciting high speeds, a significant factor in the overall feel of the animation.
Additional options:
  • Petals: the number of petals for the blossom patterns.
  • Mirror Petals: petals can be symmetrical or spiral shaped.
  • Frame Edge: outline the edges of petal segments for an added geometric effect.
  • Hue Banding: alternate hues in petal segments for a banded color pattern.
  • Stars: sprinkle stars about the Astral Blossom universe.
  • Randomize Settings: turn this on to have the above settings randomized periodically.
  • Randomize Interval (seconds): the interval between randomizations.

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3 Reviews of Astral Blossom

30 May 2003
Version: 1.3

Most helpful

Check out iX Screen Effects ( 16 modules for free, and each one is better than this
22 September 2003
Version: 1.3
Jeez, tastes are NOT disputable, as is proven every day. But the previous reviewers who didn't appreciate this great saver remind me of that old phrase about pearls before swine... So, what's a screen saver for anyway, these days? Well, for me, it's eye candy, pure and simple and what I want is something that's even slightly entertaining, and not actually repellant after a few days. OK, I'm a painter and digital artist, and I like kaleidoscopes, and I'm over 45, so maybe this is simply designed for me...but if you can relate, Astral Blossom is a total, 5-star knock-out! After nearly a year of enjoying it, I STILL find it a first-class productivity killer and inspiration device. Hats off to the developer for discovering one of the fundamental algorithms of visual joy...
30 May 2003
Version: 1.3
Check out iX Screen Effects ( 16 modules for free, and each one is better than this
27 January 2003
Version: 1.2
You must really have a huge ego from selling your other stuff. This wasn't even worth the download and I have many better free ones. Get a clue developer!