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30 September 2019

Native emulation for AS/400 & iSeries.


TN5250 is a terminal emulator which provides access to an AS/400. The AS/400 - also called the "IBM iSeries," is a midrange server from IBM, designed for the business world.

  • Supports all standard 5250 emulation features
  • OS X application, tested on Leopard (10.5.7), Snow Leopard (10.6.8), Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8), Mavericks (10.9) and Yosemite (10.10)
  • Alternate screen size (24x80 or 27x132)
  • SSL/TLS (Secure Socket Layer)
  • Small and fast.
  • User defined functions keys
  • Support for Euro sign and double keys as é è
  • Mouse wheel support (page up/down)
  • Device name support
  • Hotspots (Fx and Fxx text on the 5250 screen can be used as buttons)
  • Hardcopy of screen
  • Many trim parameters
  • Online Help
  • Lifetime free upgrades to new versions of the product

What's new in TN5250

Version 4.6:
  • Color dialog could crash
  • Tab key could not be configured

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4 Reviews of TN5250

11 November 2009
Version: 2.0

Most helpful

No uninstall utility. How do I get t off my system?
10 April 2014
Version: 3.1
Gets hung up with error windows while starting up looking for README.TXT, LICENSE.TXT, and EBCDIC file… It used to work, now, not so much…
03 January 2011
Version: 2.1
The program works better then Telneting into the AS400 system but some basic features are missing. I had clients request a simple feature like- hold your hats now.. "Landscape Printing". They don't want all their prints (from Word or Excel etc..etc..) so using the system's print settings isn't the answer. I contacted the author and they outright told me they wouldn't be adding any such functionality. ..and they never did.. So they get kudos for updating and maintaining this application but a few hisses from the crowd for not implementing a simple landscape print option.
11 November 2009
Version: 2.0
No uninstall utility. How do I get t off my system?
29 October 2006
Version: 1.7
Shouldn't that be "Native TN5250 emulation for OSX"? It would be cool to run OSX on AS/400, but for some reason I don't see that forthcoming.
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