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Resource generation and design app.   Demo ($149.00)
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Create is a next generation design and layout program. In one easy to use app, professional illustration, page layout and Web creation with just one click
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Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.2 or later

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Chellman reviewed on 14 Jan 2011
I used to really like Create. Unfortunately, the developer has effectively disappeared into the world of iOS, concentrating on Twitter clients and the like.

Create relies deeply on built-in Mac OS X technologies, but those technologies have changed in the past couple of years, and Create is frustratingly out of date.

I thought Free Upgrades For Life was generous, but I also thought it would last past the introduction of the iPhone. Unless this goes back into active development again, do not buy. I hope for the best, but don't expect much anymore.
[Version 14.2.3]

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Artlovin replied on 21 Apr 2011
It is pretty amazing that the developer continues to sell this program considering how out of date it is. Not ethical!

Bdkennedy1 commented on 03 Nov 2010
Not updated in over 2 years. When developers don't regularly update their software, I'm worried that I'm purchasing abandon-ware.
[Version 14.2.3]



Anapat reviewed on 15 Mar 2010
This is one of the greatest softwares for graphic designers ever. It replaces the Adobe CS4 suite for just 150 bucks. Vector drawing, advanced PDF editing, masking, multi-page layout, text-flow, layers and master layers, link back to any graphic program and even wysiwig css web editing... It is an incredible program for every day use and you come to a result very fast with drag and drop. Also the learning curve is not so steep as you only have one manual to read instead of five ! The downside is that the program didn't get any update for two years now, but it still works perfectly on Snowleopard ! So folks, just come in and try it out ! There is a more detailed review here : Thanks for reading my review !
[Version 14.2.3]



Blond reviewed on 27 Apr 2007
Running a small business I do not have the luxury of being able to outsource my web, brochure, manual, leaflet design to someone else. I have to keep a careful eye on cost.

Some years ago I was lucky enough to find Stone Designs Create. I first rebuilt my company web-site then moved on to leaflets to promote my products. After this brochures and technical manuals. Today I am designing a logo. Create is also great for doing homework.

Being able to do all this in one program means only one user interface to learn.

Free upgrades, the important part here is upgrades, not only is Create ready to use the latest version of OSX when it is released. It is kept up to date and new features/requests are added. Take the latest version 13 updated to use CSS and output XHTML 1.0 to the web. All I had to do was open the site I had originally built in Create and output the web files as XHTML 1.0. Andrew Stones attention to detail made it simple for me to do and Creates new features keep my site up to date with the latest web thinking. Andrew is totally in tune with his client base, how they are using his software and what they wish to achieve through a thriving forum where you can quickly get answers and share ideas. Couple this with a quality manual included which is continually kept up to date. Free would be worthless without the above but in this case free is a bonus. This total product support allows me to concentrate on what I need to do to make my business work.

Create has allowed me to communicate with my customers far more eloquently improving my business. Yes I can honestly say Create is part of my business success, thank you Andrew.
[Version 13.0]

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Lookin2it replied on 09 Oct 2011
I know it's been quite some time since you posted this review; however I see by your profile page that you are still an active member of the MacUpdate community. I am curious to know if you are still using this software, particularly in regards to the web page design. Also was your success with this part based on any knowledge of writing code (which is completely lacking on my part). Thanks for your input.

Anonymous reviewed on 30 Jun 2005
Everything looks great, except the Info inspector. Why does it have to be that big? There's so much unused space. Look at how Apple does the inspector in Pages and Keynote. It's so much smaller, and much nicer looking! Come on, how much time does one need to change that inspector to something with Mac aesthetic excellence?
[Version 12.3.6]

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Robert replied on 01 Aug 2006
Apparently the dev hasn't tried using Create on an iBook's display.

John F. replied on 02 Aug 2006
Yeah, not everyone has a high resolution display. I have to struggle too on my iBook for space. One day, I get myself a widescreen notebook or iMac. But even then, that doesn't mean that the app has to waste precious screen space.

Anonymous reviewed on 16 Jun 2005
Create is a great vector graphics application. There is a significant learning curve, but once you get started learning how to use it, even a rank amateur like me can create decent-looking graphics. It's also highly affordable!
[Version 12.3.6]


Anonymous reviewed on 10 May 2005
Create is truly a gem and highly useful program for a variety of design/production tasks. Linkback support just makes it even more utilitarian especially as more and more programs start to adopt support for Linkback. [off topic] Now all we need to ditch Adobe is a bitmap editor...would love to see (a reasonably priced) Tiffany reappear.
[Version 12.3.4]


Anonymous reviewed on 14 Apr 2005
With the Additional Linkback Project support... this just became even better in terms of workflow.... wow. now... if Seashore, Teal, EasyFrame..etc.. join in.... or...TIFFany.... (heh) We'll be in for an even greater ride than what we hoped with Tiger...

[Version 12.3.3]


Anonymous reviewed on 09 Nov 2004
Hugely useful, very versatile app. Really demonstrates the power of object-orientation! The UI could use some improvements, though.
[Version 12.2.2]


Anonymous reviewed on 04 Oct 2004
Keeps improving with each (free, no less) update, no fooling. Give it a spin and see for yourself. Page layout, vector drawing, easy websites, and more.
[Version 12.2.1]

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Version Downloads:3,605
Type:Multimedia Design : Author Tools
Date:08 Aug 2008
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $149.00
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Create is a next generation design and layout program. In one easy to use app, professional illustration, page layout and Web creation with just one click

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