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28 August 2012

Java-based Web server.


Devwex is a minimalistic Web server with a modular architecture. The already contained servers instances support the HTTP amongst others virtual hosts, IP/Port sharing, directory index, filtering, modules, SSL/TLS, DCGI/CGI1.1 and a on telnet based remote access to control the server. Further servers and modules can be integrated about the available APIs. The server is a pure Java implementation for the command line and can be used with an appropriate Java runtime environment on many operating systems.
  • Architecture: multithreaded container, server and (advanced)module api
  • Customizing: error pages and the listing of directories, including the icons based on templates can be customized
  • Expandability: modular architecture and many interfaces allow to change, extend and add functionalities
  • Configuration: based on a central file, in an enlarged INI format, which supports dynamic values and inheritance
  • Monitoring: telnet remote access for status, restart and stop
  • Interfaces: CGI 1.1, DCGI 1.1, HTTP 1.0+, server and (advanced)module api
  • Security: SSL, TSL, Basic- and Digest-Access-Authentication with groups
  • Virtualization: ip, port and name-based (Virtual Domain) hosting

What's new in Devwex

Version 1.2012.0815:
  • general revision of the server and moduö API
  • added support for download of partial content
  • some bug fixes in the HTTP process
  • revision of the SDK

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