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Explore the ancient Chinese Book of Changes.   Free
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  • MacYiKing has been discontinued
  • Developer
    jorjun technical services
MacYiKing is a concise way to explore the ancient Chinese classic "Book of Changes" on your Mac. If you like this software, you can order a hand-made divination coin set.
What's New
Version 0.63:
  • You can now order hand-made divination rounds from a new web-site : .
  • Slightly more documentation.
  • App is exactly the same, but does work fine on intel macs.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.1 or later Power Mac, Mac Book, Mac Book Pro. iMac.

*Previously available here

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MacYiKing User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 0.x:
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Anonymous reviewed on 27 Aug 2005
Regarding switching to OS X, I typeset books for a living. The font handling in OS X is abominable, and I can't afford to have my books re-run at the printer. Hence I stick to OS 9. Otherwise I'd be using your program already and have some feedback for you.
[Version 0.62]

1 Reply

Anonymous commented on 16 Nov 2005
I hope font support improves for you. Supoorting OS 9 is something I would like to have done.
But OS X can run almost all of the OS 9 stuff, I thought?

Anonymous reviewed on 28 Jun 2004
I can do this now since I have some time which I shouldn't waste. Mail me if you are interested.

Checkout the Cowboy boots on e-bay. I have decided to make the software e-bay-ware. Which means you use my software, then you have to buy some of my old tat.

Then when I am finally naked. Perhaps I will have smoked enough not to care!
[Version 0.62]

jorjun (developer) commented on 25 May 2004
Currently indentured for a crime I didn't commit. So am unable to work on the next version.

Have learned something important over the last 12 months, if you give an inch they will take a mile.

Obviously I knew this tired old phrase already. What I didn't appreciate is who 'they' were.
[Version 0.62]

jorjun (developer) commented on 23 Oct 2003
As I am so desperate to re-write MacYiKing using the Python programming language. But I have no income. And I have now come to realise that if I pursue income, I will have no time!

I have just built a new website, which needs people to register and add interesting links. Please.

Or if you want to support this project financially and buy wonderful books donating 5% in commission at the same time, then I won't stop you. All you need to do is buy them from Amazon using a link on the site.
[Version 0.62]


Anonymous reviewed on 12 Sep 2003
A message to MacYiKing downloadees : this is my first public work, and I am hoping that people will enjoy it even if they find that it does not transform their lives :-) .

Apart from the usual 5 e-mails/day suggesting that I take pills to increase my penis size, I have had little feedback. So I am assuming the software works as advertised. If you haven't moved to OS X from OS 9 yet. Shame on you. And unfortunately I am not technical enough or motivated to support both.

Please be assured I will not be turning this project into a commercial venture. Ever. This is my little bit of good will to those decent enough to choose a Macintosh over the default option.

I won't open source the code yet, because I have a long queue of ideas from adding musical tones, to qabalah links and other that I want to implement my own selfish way.

Love Light Life and Liberty to you all!
[Version 0.62]

2 Replies

Anonymous commented on 22 Oct 2004
Perhaps if you consulted the Oracle you coded it might have been able to offer suggestions which could have led you to have avoided the incarceration, and given you time to make a classic version for the rest of us.

Or make it more accurate in describing the situation. :D
'a well-wisher' H1L2&5
Anonymous commented on 03 Dec 2004
Nice to have a reply, especially from a wall washer! ;)

Anonymous reviewed on 08 Aug 2003
Very simple program and easy to use.
[Version 0.62]


Anonymous reviewed on 05 Aug 2002
It may not seem funny when life conspires to kick you in the ^&^&&&(unisex). Synchroshittity, "she" calls it.

Why does this inspirational text, with time tested proving, like some kind of super loaf, work? Who cares.

Where is the diary function??
I would like to look back over my 'critical' moments and have a laugh. Or a cry.
[Version 0.62]

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Version Downloads:1,925
Type:Education : Literature
Date:29 Oct 2007
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
Overall (Version 0.x):
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MacYiKing is a concise way to explore the ancient Chinese classic "Book of Changes" on your Mac. If you like this software, you can order a hand-made divination coin set.

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