PostArmor X

1.3 29 Sep 2003

Java filter deletes spam email before downloading.


Developer website: P. Manna

PostArmor is an application that helps to keep your electronic mailbox free of unsolicited e-mail, better known as spam: it looks at the relevant parts of your email before it leaves the mail server, and lets the legitimate messages pass through undisturbed, while leaving suspect messages on the server, making them "invisible" for the e-mail client, to be reexamined later or just deleted after a while. It works as a POP email proxy, with support for POP and IMAP mail servers, that makes it compatible with every e-mail client. As it has been developed in Java, it is also independent from the operating system or platform, and gives its best on Mac OS X.

The logic behind the filtering has a high level of sophistication, using both black- and white-lists of senders and an advanced engine that can use pattern matching and sender verification techniques to automatically pinpoint junk mail with a extremely high level of accuracy. A proved set of filters is included, and can easily be adapted by the user to its individual interests.

What's New

Version 1.3 adds the following:
  • The main window has been reorganized to take less screen estate, with indicators for mail in and a "Check All" button
  • Added support for ISO encoded Base64 headers
  • A splash screen at startup has been added
  • The local spammers list has been removed: difficult to keep up-to-date and almost useless
  • OSIRUSOFT blacklist has been removed, NJABL, CBL and Spamhaus have been added, blacklist servers can now be added/removed from a file and are no more hardcoded (except for initial setup)
  • The DNS search for mail exchange servers in SpamCop reporting and bouncing has been expanded
  • A failed bounce now leaves the message marked for delete
  • Filter check has now startsWith, endsWith possibilities
  • A bug that wasn't allowing auto report to be disabled has been corrected
  • A bug for mail passwords containing spaces has been corrected
  • The bad news: Sun's decision to drop support for old Swing/JFC libraries (pre-1.2) makes virtually impossible for PostArmor to run on Mac OS 9! For users that have it installed already, the substitution of the jar file with the latest release will allow them to run the latest version.


MacOS X 10.0 or later, JVM (Java Virtual Machine) 1.1 or later


Current Version (1.x)


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29 Sep 2003
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