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16 February 2015

Analyzes multispectral image data.


MultiSpec is a processing system for interactively analyzing Earth observational multispectral image data such as that produced by the Landsat series of Earth satellites and hyperspectral image data from current and future airborne and spaceborne systems such as AVIRIS. The primary objective of MultiSpec is as an aid to export the results of our research into devising good methods for analyzing such hyperspectral image data. It has also found significant use in other applications such as multiband medical imagery and in K-12 and university level educational activities. There are currently in excess of several thousand known, registered users.

MultiSpec satisfies the following design goals:

  • The implementation should be on a readily available computer platform which has adequate processing power, but is financially within the reach of any Earth science researcher (i.e., computer platforms < $2000).
  • The system should be easy to learn and easy to use, even for the infrequent user, using the most modern of software environments.
  • The system should provide for easy import of data in a variety of formats, and easy export of results, both in thematic map and in tabular form.

What's new in MultiSpec

Version 3.4.1 (2015.02.12):

Note: Now requires a 32-bit Intel processor. See Related Links for the Universal binary (Intel32/PPC32).

  • In response to requests for a version of MultiSpec with fewer menu options for use in K-12 settings, this version has the capability to allow only the menu options for basic capabilities to be available. One controls this by:
    • Macintosh version: hold the control key down before selecting the MultiSpec->About MultiSpec... menu item
    • Windows version: hold the ctrl key down before selecting Help->About MultiSpec... menu item
    Then select the "Simpler Version of MultiSpec" check box. The setting will be saved so that when one closes MultiSpec and starts MultiSpec later, the last setting of "Simpler Version" will be used. Note that if the Windows version of MultiSpec is moved without the associated INI file, MultiSpec will default back to the full version. The simpler version does not have the ability to create projects and run supervised classifications. One can still run unsupervised (cluster) analyses but the results will not be saved to a project. This is not a perfect solution to this request, but it does allow users to try it out and provide feedback on it.
  • This version includes an official Apple Developer certificate which "signs" the application as one from a known developer. One should not get warnings about an unknown developer and have to go through the process of moving the downloaded MultiSpec application out of quarantine on the more recent versions of OS X. Let me know if you still have problems with this warning.
  • Also note that the Macintosh version that is now downloaded will only run on Intel-based Macintosh platforms. One can still download a version that will run on older PowerPC platforms by selecting the "Archive Versions" link on the Download MultiSpec for Macintosh page.
  • Change was made for better default names for cluster mask files.

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4 Reviews of MultiSpec

25 December 2002
Version: 12.24.2002

Most helpful

very good
03 September 2011
Version: 3.2.1
nice one!Thank you!
28 May 2003
Version: 5.22.2003
Excellent image processing software for instruction and basic stuff. Use it in conjunction with other "free" stuff and you have a very powerful image processing system that can rival the expensive (and overpriced) image processing softwares.
26 December 2002
Version: 12.24.2002
its the only mac program that i could use to open hdf files (mainly i liked satillite images), all the others i could not even install or get to the image in the hdf file. there is another hdf vierwer called freelook, but i would call it freeglimpes can it shut of a few min and they will not sell a licence either.
25 December 2002
Version: 12.24.2002
very good