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26 June 2002

Ircle chat scripting suite.


Rogue is a scripting suite for Ircle. It provides quiet automation of IRC tasks for users. It does not provide any war commands, channel takeovers, or features a channel op might find obnoxious. Rogue is not a plug-in based scripting package. Rogue is delivered to the user with stability and speed in mind.

What's new in Rogue

Version 2.3.1 fixes the following:
  • Added BRB to the /clist command
  • Added a user watch option. Allows user to add a nickname to watch for. When Rogue sees a user that joined or talked matching that nickname, Rogue will alert the user by sounding the computer's alert sound. Perfect for users that idle
  • Fixed the away/unaway BUG where Rogue would get confused if ther user was set away on the server but not set away via the script. And vice versa. This prboblem was a nuisance but is now fixed

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