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Create bootable OS X CDs.   Free
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BootCD is a utility to make bootable OS X CD's with your choice of applications on them.
What's New
  • Hopefully fixes a problem with 10.3.9
  • As of v0.6.4.1, BootCD has been officially retired and is no longer supported by its developer.
  • PPC
  • Mac OS X 10.3 or later
  • BSD Subsystem installed.

  • BootMania

  • DasBoot
BootCD User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 0.x:
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RavenG4 commented on 24 May 2007
It's ashame to see this great App go. Thanks for developing it Charles.


ddavidmullin reviewed on 04 Jul 2006
This tool Rescued a Downed Mac, but it's a lousy way to back up a Hard drive, with most of the CD space taken up by the OS X,
OS X took up 500-600MB of that CD space
leaving 100-200 MB of space left.
[Version 0.6.4]

Pleomax commented on 19 Jun 2006
I have found the Jaguar Boot CD maker a very useful utility, try and make it on a fairly new computer if at all possible as this takes much less time than on an old one. I reccomend you set as high a ramdisk as you can (use your discresion) regarding the amount of ram you have available as this will become useful for running the apps placed on the CD on creation. Bear in mind it will take a very long time to boot from an optical drive, especially on an iBook, mac mini or G3 or G5 imac (anything with a slot-drive). The superdrive in the eMac takes a while to load it.

You may get confused with adding applications, don't be, it will propt you (the icon will jump on the dock) to add your apps and you can select them one by one and pressing the open button, again, once it has added the first one, it will prompt for the second and so on, remember you can use a USB or firewire device with apps preloaded if you wish whilst it is booted. This is a much better option as CDs only have 700mb storage
[Version 0.6.4]


Anonymous reviewed on 09 Oct 2005
Tiger version would be nice!
[Version 0.6.4]


Anonymous reviewed on 30 Sep 2005
When can we have the Tiger version? I want it very badly...
[Version 0.6.4]


Anonymous reviewed on 26 Aug 2005
Help the developer beta test BootCD for Tiger:
[Version 0.6.4]


Anonymous reviewed on 18 Jun 2005
This worked great! And so easy to use. I made a CD with DiskUtility, DiskWarrior, CarbonCopyCloner and some other maintenance tools. And it helped me keep our Macs clean and in good shape. Thanks!
[Version 0.6.4]


Anonymous reviewed on 08 May 2005
This is a brilliant programme. I have had no trouble with it ever in Panther. Takes a while but who cares, the end result is a bootable CD with any application on it you like.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can we have a version that works on Tiger. I'm desperate.
[Version 0.6.4]


Anonymous reviewed on 01 May 2005
Worked well for me. Like the author said, it doesn't work with apps like Norton which has files all over the system, but it works well with Disk Utility and TechTool Pro 4.0.4 and those two apps give you just about any test and repair function you'd want. I was able to test and repair my OSX system with those two. What do you want for free?
[Version 0.6.4]

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Amneill replied on 18 May 2005
Easily made a Boot CD for Techtool 4.0.4. My iMAC is running MasOS 10.3.9. When I tried to boot up with the boot CD I just made, the computer boots up to the point of "Starting Login Window" and then stays there for Hours! It won't boot up past this point. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated

Anonymous reviewed on 22 Apr 2005
Brilliant. A little slow, but it does exactly what it says on the tin. You can add any applications that currently reside on your hard drive, and run them from the CD, and they work!
Well done to the developer.
10.3.9 on a Pismo.
[Version 0.6.4]

Diana1 had trouble on 18 Nov 2004
When I try to make a bootable CD (add TTPro) and then try to burn it in Toast, it says it can't because the file "master.passwd" could not be accessed. Any suggestions? G5, latest Panther, latest Toast.
[Version 0.6]

2 Replies

Diana1 replied on 18 Nov 2004
I tried to burn it in Disk Utility (like the instructions said) as well as Toast. After creating the CD, I got a kernel panic when I tried to boot with it. Then I tried burning it with Toast again. I could not do it as a mac volume, so I did it as mac data. It turned out the same as the one I did with Disk Utility. Unfortunately, I got a kernel panic with this one also.
Diana1 commented on 19 Nov 2004
I contacted Charles Srstka of BootCD and he helped me so much! He completely analyzed my system, and told me what to do. What a great guy! And the software is free!

He told me to mount the .dmg image that BootCD created, then double-click the CD image icon that appears on the Desktop. Navigate to System/Library/Extensions on the CD image, and delete the following files:


Then, unmount the CD image, and burn a new image with Disk Utility.
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Date:20 May 2007
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BootCD is a utility to make bootable OS X CD's with your choice of applications on them.

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