Sonnet Tango Driver
Sonnet Tango Driver


Sonnet Tango Driver free download for Mac

Sonnet Tango Driver

05 April 2002

Sonnet Tango FireWire/USB Combo card driver.


Sonnet Tango Driver updates the firmware on the Tango FireWire/USB Combo card to improve compatibility with a wider variety of FireWire storage devices.

What's new in Sonnet Tango Driver

Version 1.2 resolves issues that prevented the software from updating the Tango card's serial ROM under some circumstances. This software also enables the Tango to be used in Mac 5500, 6500 and Twentieth Anniversary Mac computers. The Apple ROM in these machines was not designed to support multifunction add-in cards, but Sonnet successfully identified and solved this problem; this software addresses these limitations enables these systems to fully support the Tango.

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