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Drivers for Shuttle devices.   Free
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Contour Shuttle driver software contains the driver(s) for all Shuttle devices.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later, Shuttle device.

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ver. 2.x:
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Indraguru reviewed on 23 Aug 2013
MacUpdate, please update the version on this page!
The latest stable release is version 2.21, March 25 2011.
And for Lion and Mountain Lion is version 3.0 beta 17 from July 3, 2013.
[Version 2.1.4]


Anonymous reviewed on 29 Nov 2003
Had same problem. Could not fast forward or fast reverse. Although settings are correct for FCP, forward and reverse shuttle did not function.

10.3, G5 dual 2.0, FCP 4
[Version 1.4]


Anonymous reviewed on 18 Nov 2003
shuttle pro in shuttle mode only do slow
motion foward & reverse.
os x 10.2.8
final cut pro 3.0.4
avid xpress dv 3.5.4
shuttle pro version #1.

will contact shuttle maker to know if it is a
bug or configuration problem....

but shuttle pro should be able to fast search
foward & reverse at multiple speeds....
[Version 1.4]


artroom had trouble on 11 Dec 2006
Might the reason for your issues be this (as stated in the installer)

Important note for Final Cut Pro HD Users
You must first disable “keyboard Navigation” in Mac OS X before using. the “play rate transport controls” for Final Cut HD. Here is how you do this:

1. In the Apple, menu select “System Preferences”.
2. Select the “keyboard and Mouse” icon.
3. Unselect “Keyboard Navigation”.

Users of earlier versions of Final Cut Pro will need go to, and download settings Final Cut Pro Edit/ Viewer and Final Cut Pro Edit/ Timeline.
[Version 2.1.2]

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Version Downloads:13,575
Type:Drivers : Other
Date:07 Apr 2009
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
Overall (Version 2.x):
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Contour Shuttle driver software contains the driver(s) for all Shuttle devices.

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