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Entourage Email Archive X


Entourage Email Archive X free download for Mac

Entourage Email Archive X

06 January 2015

Archive Microsoft Entourage email messages.


Entourage Email Archive X (EEAX) is a utility for archiving emails and attachments you have received or sent using Microsoft Entourage in Mac OS X. EEAX can archive your emails in seven different ways with further sub-options.

Emails backed up and restored
One of the features of EEAX is archiving emails in native Entourage file format. The files with .eml extensions give you the possibility to restore one email or a group of emails, simply drop them back to Entourage at any time. This feature will let you restore archived emails even with future versions of Office.

Search your emails with Spotlight
Archived emails and attachments are automatically indexed by OS X. You can search inside thousands of files instantly using the power of Apple Spotlight technology or using SpotInside.

Free email DB template
A free FileMaker Pro template is included in the EEAX package. This template can manage your emails' text and attachments in a custom database. With this valuable template you can easily manage all your emails and reveal the attachments with a simple click. Find anything, anywhere, fast.

What's new in Entourage Email Archive X

Version 8.0:
  • EEAX 8.x is now fully compatible with OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
  • EEAX 8.x is compiled as a 32/64-bit Intel application.
  • As requested, added feature to set time stamp of generated archives (text files, attachments and eml files) to reference date of messages.
  • As requested, added feature to calculate the total size of generated archives: size of text messages, attachments and eml files are logged.
  • FileMaker template is now compatible with the latest FileMaker Pro 12 and 13.
  • Improvements to dialogs, buttons and interface.
  • Internal improvements of some routines.
  • The manual has been updated.

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04 September 2003

Most helpful

If you don't use the related app, you can't say whether it is expensive/useless, specially when we're talking about 15 bucks, which are a-pint-and-a-bocata-de-calamares. I find very useful the ability to backup thousands of messages selectivelly based on their date with a single click, instead going across hundreds of folders and subfolders or a bad-organized search result.
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Version 1.7b
23 December 2011
WOW! This is a terrific program for archiving huge email data bases. Coupled with FileMakerpro template provided with the program, it has amazing functionality. The developers assisted me even though it is the first time I used FileMaker Pro and made an impossible task go like clockwork.
Version 6.0.0
29 November 2011
I have recently gone thru the archive process and have stored them on our sever. But the archived emails are still showing in Entourage and on the email server? Do I have to manually remove the archived emails from Entourage? How can I also make sure the archived emails are not stored on my Hard Drive - I don't want it to slow down my MAC? Thanks for your help.
Version 6.0.0
21 April 2011
Indispensable app. I've been using since v3
Version 5.2.0
18 January 2010
-- Version 5.x of Entourage Email Archive REQUIRES Mac OS X 10.6.x Snow Leopard.
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Version 5.0.0
04 January 2010
Can sb tell me what exactly does this app do that Entourage itself doesn't? Thanks.
Version 5.0.0
18 June 2009
In my experience, using the native Entourage tools has worked well. This is how I've been able to successfully archive my mail in a Time Machine and Spotlight-friendly way - http://blog.gingergeek.com/2009/06/how-to-archive-entourage-2008-mail-using-multiple-identities/
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Version 4.1
2 answer(s)
03 May 2012
I was looking at this and then realized that I could just drag and drop the messages to a folder and they would appear in the folder as individual ".eml' files. I can then drag an ".eml" file back to Entourage (or Apple Mail) and it is intact. No extra software needed for either part of the "round trip." I have also found that appending ".txt" at the end so the file is "filename.eml.txt" will enable the file contents to be indexed by Spotlight. If you are looking for an email file that is 10 years old, searching the messy contents of these files can dredge up info that can be golden. If you like, you can delete the ".txt" and drag the resulting filename.eml file into your mail client just as though it was there the whole time.
09 July 2012
In Entourage select a mailbox (e.g. Inbox) and then look at the bottom-left hand corner for a file count of all the messages in that mailbox, then select all and drag & drop them to a local folder say on your desktop and then open that folder and look at the bottom of the window for a file count and in general there is a discrepency between the number that Entourage counts and the about you archived off. Unless Microsoft have patched and sorted this problem in recent years I don't trust it. Also you also got to make sure that your emails and attachments are fully downloaded from server before you drag & drop messages for archiving. I have only used the drag & drop archiving from a IMAP account so things maybe different for POP accounts which stored data locally. IMAO dump Entourage and use Mail :-)
02 July 2008
Thanks. I got it already ;-)
Version 4.0
29 January 2008
EAA X has been a great software, but unfortunately it is not working with the Entourage version coming with Microsoft Office 2008. No words on the developer site about an upgrade to fix that problem. Any news? TIA.
Version 3.6.1
10 August 2006
I have been registered and using EEAX since its pre-entourage days. It is solid, reliable. Good points - author has responded and incorporated several of my usability suggestions and enhancements. Product runs quickly, reliably -- I have used it mainly to store off text history of my many emails. FYI, latest version 2.4 is primarily Universal Binary and added Unicode language support. Full details are in Help manual. (I will post here in separate msg for reference).
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Version 2.4
Paul Wilson
16 January 2004
Is there any possibility that the same thing could be done for Eudora? Since moving to OS X, I haven't been able to find a Filemaker archiving solution for Eudora.
Version 1.8.1
1 answer(s)
10 June 2004
The answer is YES. An amazing product named MailBase from ManyBases it's about to be introduced on the market. Its purpose is to retrieve emails from your usual mail app (Apple MaiL, Entourage, Eudora, PowerPoint...) to store them all in a lightning fast SQL database. The product will be available for OS 9, OS X and Windows. I'ts actually in latest beta tests and should be available in July. Frederic
Version 1.9