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FirstClass software provides a desktop application that is optimized for fast, streamlined access to the FirstClass server. It allows you to connect to First Class networks to send Intranet email, exchange files, chat, and more.
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Version 11.042: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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ver. 11.x:
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Thresher-The-Shark commented on 14 May 2012
Attention MacUpdate admins. Version 11.042 is now available.
[Version 11.033]

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MacUpdate---Ryan replied on 14 May 2012
Thanks for the heads up, I've updated the listing :)
Listohan replied on 14 Jul 2013
Version 12 is now available.
Cdoch commented on 25 Feb 2012
Version 11.033 is for Intel Macs Only!

Please correct your information.

Power PC Mac users running 10.4.11 or later can download 11.017 here (but check the system requirements):
[Version 11.033]


Thresher-The-Shark commented on 04 Apr 2011
To MacUpdate Admins: FirstClass Client 11.005 is now available.
[Version 10.013]


Pizzacake tipped on 15 Oct 2009
The iphone/itouch app store now has a free FirstClass app which is I think is better for general browsing.
[Version 10.0]



Pizzacake reviewed on 15 Oct 2009
I use this to connect to open university servers. You have to create a settings file for each server you use by clicking advanced put the server name in the address box then click setup to put your user id and password, server ip address etc.

It works but the controls are clunky and setting the view settings is unintuitive and tiresome as they as per view rather than global settings. To change font sizes for the main window go to view>change view settings. You have to do this repeatedly for different containers though thankfully once. However to change the font sizes for messages you go to preferences>content>options>zoom!
[Version 10.0]


GervaisdeM commented on 12 Jun 2009
FirstClass Client is not Shareware. It is freeware. It can only be used to connect to a FirstClass Server, which is a commercial product.
[Version 9.126]


Foraging-Ferret commented on 17 Nov 2008
This client needs some serious work on GUI behaviour. For my conferencing needs all its features seem to work but I don't use email or instant message. What annoys me the most is that it won't remember window sizes and positions once they've been closed or when the program is quit. Please fix this! I waste so much time resizing windows when I could be reading messages. The whole program is also a bit sluggish which it shouldn't be as its not exactly Final Cut Pro.
[Version 9.106]



jpalme reviewed on 18 Sep 2007
First Class has a very nice user interface. In particular, the possibillity to arrange your conferences on a desktop is very useful.

The main drawbacks is the incompetent e-mail interface. It does a lot of things wrong: (1) Changes the message-id when incoming messages are sent out again (2) Conveys information about what is a quote from a previous message in incorrect ways (2) Cannot handle HTML-formatted messages correctly (4) In general munges the message header of incoming mail when sent out to e-mail again.
[Version 9.022]

ThinkPenguin commented on 01 Aug 2006
I'll be the first to make you guys smile: version 8.3 is out. And it is this version that the FC's developers have realized their application painfully needed an interface update, so they updated it (although it still looks really cheap in my opinion). I'm not sure where you can pick the new version up - probably the FC website, or if MacUpdate "updates" itself that would be great.
[Version 8.101]


iNik commented on 30 Apr 2006
It's better that the Windows client... That's about all I can say for it.
[Version 8.101]

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MathisPawelitzki7160 rated on 14 Nov 2013

[Version 11.042]


Mx rated on 19 Jul 2011

[Version 11.006]

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Type:Utilities : Network
Date:14 May 2012
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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FirstClass software provides a desktop application that is optimized for fast, streamlined access to the FirstClass server. It allows you to connect to First Class networks to send Intranet email, exchange files, chat, and more.

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