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eOrdering Gold2.6.1

26 August 2005

Shopping cart and online store solution.


eOrdering Gold will create your Web forms and other documents so that when users submit an order, Web proofs will process any orders, and send you the order via email. The Web forms will show the cost for each item, allow the user to select a quantity, show the total for the product (cost x quantity), and calculate both the sales tax and the total cost for the order. Web Proofs will then create the server side code (.asp or .php) or use PayPal to process the order for your product (emailing you the order). In the end, you have a product where the user selects what they need, they can see the cost, they submit the order, and then you get an email detailing the order. This way they can put their proofs online for ordering without spending a lot of time in html development. This is a fully functional 20 day demo version.

What's new in eOrdering Gold

Version 2.6.1:
  • [new] Option to show total number of items in cart.
  • [new] Text file called DefaultFolder.txt made now to set default in and out folders.
  • [fix] fixed a bug where quotes in cost options were causing problems with paypal
  • [fix] Now able to modify the delete title on the checkout pages
  • [fix] Fixed several international text items.
  • [fix] Fixed a bug in search with certain characters
  • [new] Pro- Lock categories so they are not created
  • [new] Pro only - unique passwords per category
  • [new] Pro only - use unique templates per category
  • [fix] Fixed a bug where payment method text was showing for payment type text

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