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AliasMultiplier X

31 October 2002

Create aliases to launch programs, docs, and webpages.


AliasMultiplier is a simple program that creates single aliases that can open more programs, documents, folders or Web pages. Using AliasMultiplier is very simple: just drag items you want the alias to open over the application icon, then click Save.

AliasMultiplier has also other features, for example you can easily modify aliases or edit the launch-order of a AliasMultiplier's alias. AliasMultiplier's aliases are named Multi-Aliases.

Note: You may need to OPTION-CLICK the "Download Now" link if you get garbled text.

What's new in AliasMultiplier X

Version 2.6 adds the following:
  • Optimized for Mac OS X 10.2.x "Jaguar", this includes many bug-fix for jaguar users, like correct icon display, working "Windows" menu.
  • Improved overall stability thanks to REALbasic 4.5.2 runtime (previous version was compiled with RB 3.5.1)
  • Now bundled applications are not displayed as folders
  • The "Type" column now displays more detailed information about items
  • Now AliasMultiplier X remember window position for multi-alias windows
  • Now you can disable the "slurp" sound when you drop files on a multi-alias window

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  • PPC 32
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