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28 September 2001

Syncronize HTML table & FileMaker Pro data.


fmWebmerge has two complimentary functions that allow you to synchronise the data between your FileMaker Pro database tables and Web pages without having to generate dynamic pages from a database enabled Web site. The first function allows you to identify data within a Web page and to easily replace it with a custom tag that points to the corresponding live data in a FileMaker Pro table. Any amount of data may be replaced by tags that point to data into differing tables. The process is semi automated and is typically only done once. The complimentary function scans one or more Web pages replacing all custom tags with the data from the database tables that they point to. The process can be configured to be automatic and is typically carried out each time data in the underlying databases change. fmWebmerge is an Apple Mac application, it is bundled with Apple Help files that provides a comprehensive help facility together with a set of test data and instructions that provide a 'getting started' tutorial.

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