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Quod Libet for Mac

Open-source audio library tagger, manager, and player.

In English
Version 4.4.0

Quod Libet overview

Quod Libet is a GTK+-based audio player written in Python, using the Mutagen tagging library. It’s designed around the idea that you know how to organize your music better than we do. It lets you make playlists based on regular expressions (don’t worry, regular searches work too). It lets you display and edit any tags you want in the file, for all the file formats it supports.

Unlike some, Quod Libet will scale to libraries with tens of thousands of songs. It also supports most of the features you’d expect from a modern media player: Unicode support, advanced tag editing, Replay Gain, podcasts & Internet radio, album art support and all major audio formats.

What’s new in version 4.4.0

Version 4.4.0:
Packaging Changes:
  • One quodlibet/ subdirectory has been removed - e.g. quodlibet/tests/ -> tests/ (#3238)
  • Move to Python 3.7 (closing #3433) #3438 (Nick Boultbee)
  • macos: bundle.sh: clone from ../.. rather than .., fixing #3393. (#3394) (Sam Hathaway)
  • win_installer: pass options to build script on env switch #3328 (Gabor Karsay)
  • Depend on musicbrainzngs>=0.6 (Christoph Reiter)
  • General:
  • Switch to XSPF for Playlists (closing #1122) #3242 (Nick Boultbee)
  • Renamed "Search Library" to "Track List" browser (Joschua Gandert)
  • Support moving library folders (scandirs) #3506 (Nick Boultbee)
  • Support JACK via Gstreamer #3511 (Nick Boultbee)
  • Make ID3 Replaygain ALL_CAPS :pr:`3475 (Nick Boultbee)
  • MP4: Support description tag (Nick Boultbee)
  • Advanced prefs: use checkboxes (Nick Boultbee)
  • Add comment to track headers (Nick Boultbee)
  • Change None to empty string to fix TypeError in missing.py #3548 (Ironbalden)
  • Plugin window: don’t appear on top (Nick Boultbee)
  • Info Area: Allow space to play / pause (Nick Boultbee)
  • Allow ctrl-[shift]-tab in Notebook windows (Edit Tags, Song Info, Prefs etc) (#3496) (Nick Boultbee)
  • Playlists: don’t clear on deletion (fixing #3491) (Nick Boultbee)
  • IRadio - do station updates in background #3310 (Nick Boultbee)
  • Improve plugin window style #3481 (Nick Boultbee)
  • Query: allow validation from extensions :up: (Nick Boultbee)
  • Plugins: improve query plugins #3485 (Nick Boultbee)
  • Saved list editor: improve style (Nick Boultbee)
  • Tag Editor: Add smart replacer for colon delimiters (#3456) (Nick Boultbee)
  • Improve local cover art detection (#3454) (#3459) (Nick Boultbee)
  • Add support for TKEY ‘Initial Key’ column (#3420) (Cole Robinson)
  • add ability to sort by date added to Album List Browser (#3410) (Uriel Zajaczkovski)
  • Add originalartistsort (Nick Boultbee)
  • add check to Missing.py, fix #3336 (#3382) (Ironbalden)
  • Add support for ~elapsed and ~#elapsed (#3379) (Nick Boultbee)
  • Format date panes (closing #3346) #3349 (Nick Boultbee)
  • Update song order in song list when modified #2509 (Thomas Leberbauer)
  • Restyle the search query #3517 (Nick Boultbee)
  • Fix non-splitter EditTags plugins (fixing #3468) #3470 (Nick Boultbee)
  • Support feedparser 6.0 #3464 (Christoph Reiter)
  • formats: Don’t return lyrics with embedded nulls #3402 (Christoph Reiter)
  • Fix setting pane mode #3365 (Michael Kuhn)
  • windows: Fix playing files on network shares (fixing #3361) #3371 (d10n)
  • Restarting #3211 (blimmo)
  • Closes #946: Rename cover filename option #3235 (Joschua Gandert)
  • Closes #1769: Allow multiple entries for cover files #3236 (Joschua Gandert)
  • Plugins:
  • Add listenbrainz scrobbling plugin. #3528 (Ian Campbell)
  • First version of Musicbrainz Sync plugin that sends ratings (#3180) (LoveIsGrief)
  • add plugin ‘synchronize to device’ #636 (Jan)
  • Fix weighted shuffle not shuffling when total rating is zero. #3397 (blimmo)
  • ext/inhibit: Add option to inhibit suspend #3309 (antigone-xyz)
  • trayicon: only check for org.kde.StatusNotifierWatcher for the appindicator #3313 (Christoph Reiter)
  • MQTT authentication #3391 (Jeroen7V)
  • Add "Rate" to D-Bus API #3455 (LoveIsGrief)
  • Prettier sync lyrics (Nick Boultbee)
  • Synchronizedlyrics: Rewrite lyrics parsing, supporting >60min songs (Nick Boultbee)
  • Add Sonos playlist export plugin #3487 (Nick Boultbee)
  • Plugin: fix Cover Art window persistence (Nick Boultbee)
  • Skip songs: rename & naming / text updates (Nick Boultbee)
  • Cover Art Downloader: remove failing downloads from results (Nick Boultbee)
  • Cover Art: Improve Musicbrainz downloader (Nick Boultbee)
  • Cover Art download: only trigger plugin if album tag available (Nick Boultbee)
  • Added AutoUpdateTagsInFiles plugin #3200 (Joschua Gandert)
  • Update Polish translation #3323
  • Update italian translation #3405 (dprimon)
  • Updated Dutch translation #3441 (Vistaus)
  • Update British English translation #3483 (Nick Boultbee)
  • Update plugin development page (Nick Boultbee)
  • Update plugins.rst to include locations on MacOS. #3562 (BraveSentry)
  • Fixed documentation URLs #3425 (TehPsychedelic)
  • Fix link to contributing guide #3416 (remvee)
  • Various docs updates / improvements (Nick Boultbee)
  • Docs: Improve / tidy renaming files examples (Nick Boultbee)
  • docs: fix the windows dev environ instructions (Christoph Reiter)
  • Various Python 2 leftovers and updates #3440 (Nick Boultbee)
  • tests/operon: make argument names meaningful #3294 (Jan Tojnar)
  • gettextutil: warn on gettext warnings instead of erroring out #3545 (Christoph Reiter)
  • CI: re-enable flatpak tests #3501 (Christoph Reiter)
  • CI: install MSYS2 packages via the GHA #3458 (Christoph Reiter)
  • Tests: improve source scanning (Nick Boultbee)
  • Refactor: tidy Gstreamer player code #3489 (Nick Boultbee)
  • Add .editorconfig that agrees with PEP-008 and our Flake8 config (Nick Boultbee)
  • Refactor ID3 tag writing for readability pr:3476 (Nick Boultbee)
  • More type hints (Christoph Reiter)
  • CI: Port more things to github actions (Christoph Reiter)
  • Switch from pycodestyle/pyflakes to flake8 (Christoph Reiter)
  • Move the main sources into the repo root (Christoph Reiter)
  • Remove pipenv support (Christoph Reiter)

Quod Libet for Mac

In English
Version 4.4.0
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