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Coppice for Mac2021.1

16 February 2021

Cultivate your thoughts and make the connections between them.

What is Coppice for Mac

Coppice lets you collect your thoughts and ideas, link them together, and lay them out on an infinitely expanding Canvas. It's great for students, writers, project planners, and anyone else who needs to make sense of lots of connected information.

How Coppice Works
  • Pages: Each thought is represented by Page. Pages can contain text or images and be as big or as small as you like.
  • Links: Thoughts don’t live in isolation, so Coppice allows you to add links between pages to represent the relationships between them
  • Canvases: Canvases are a place to visually organise Pages and to view the connections between them. Canvases grow in all directions as you add content to them.
  • Branches: Combine Pages, Links, and Canvases and you can see your thoughts branching out. Coppice will even remember branches you close, restoring them when you click on a link, meaning entire trains of thought are always just a click away
Coppice Pro

Coppice is available for free, but for just $19.99 a year you can upgrade to Coppice Pro to unlock all the features of Coppice, including:

  • Unlimited Canvases
  • Automatic Page Linking
  • Changing Canvas Themes
  • Page Folders

Additional pricing information available here.

What's new in Coppice

Version 2021.1:
  • Lists: You can now add lists to text pages, including bulleted lists, numbered lists, and even nested lists
  • Extra Formatting Options: The new Paragraph inspector gives support for adjusting line height and paragraph spacing in Text Pages
  • Export Canvas as Image: Canvases can now be exported as a JPEG image from the File menu
  • We have added some future proofing to the Coppice document format. For safety this means documents saved in 2021.1 will not open in older versions, but should reduce the times this situation occurs in future.
  • The help viewer now highlights support articles that are new in the current version of Coppice
Bug Fixes:
  • You can now change text alignment without having to select the full paragraph
  • Fixed issue where undoing adding a Page to a Folder may cause further Folder operations to fail
  • Right clicking on a unselected item and choosing New Folder from Selection now correctly creates Folder using clicked item
  • Creating a new Folder from a selection that only contains Folders now actually creates a new Folder
  • Selecting a Page on a Canvas should now always bring it to the front
  • Editing an image description now correctly marks the document as edited
  • The Welcome window should now correctly appear on launch if no documents are open

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