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The Time Machine Mechanic1.16

13 November 2020

Check what’s wrong with your Time Machine Backup (Beta).


Time Machine problems? Try The Time Machine Mechanic. It’ll tell you what’s wrong.

It has essentially two controls: you set the period, in hours, which you want it to analyse. This now works properly, so that you can type the number in or use the stepper controller to adjust it. Once you have done that, click on the Check Time Machine button, and it will shortly come back with a very detailed analysis of all Time Machine backups made over that period, and set the ‘traffic light’ to green, amber, or red accordingly.

Information provided includes:
  • The location of the last backup it made, in both Unix disk terms and its path,
  • The amount of free space on that volume at the start of the last backup,
  • How many backups it started, and how many completed successfully, over the period,
  • The time elapsed since the last backup completed,
  • Figures on the number of files backed up in total, and the range for each backup,
  • A list of the total size of data backed up on each occasion,
  • A list of the time periods taken to complete each backup,
  • A list of the time intervals between each backup starting,
  • The total number of new backups made, and of old backups deleted,
  • The number of error messages over the period.

What's new in The Time Machine Mechanic

Version 1.16:
  • The Time Machine Mechanic, T2M2 for short, now works better with the new feature of backing up to APFS volumes in macOS 11 Big Sur. Version 1.16 is strongly recommended for anyone who intends using that exciting new feature.
  • The main report, produced when you click on the Check Time Machine button, now gives results which are specific to APFS backups, including an analysis of each backup in terms of space used and total number of files. At present, these are taken straight from the report in the log made by Time Machine, as I expect them to change over the coming months. I will progressively incorporate them into the main report as they stabilise.
  • Because APFS backups differ in many respects from those to HFS+ and NAS, there’s also an APFS button which displays a log excerpt which gives a blow-by-blow account of backups over the selected period. These should be ideal for anyone wanting to understand the new process better, and in the event that you encounter problems. If you contact Apple Support, they might well appreciate this level of detail too.

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