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13 November 2020

Let you view and change default application associations.


This Preference pane is chiefly intended to be a modern replacement for the amazing RCDefaultApp developed way back when by Carl Lindberg, which stopped working in 10.12 due to deprecation of ObjC Garbage collection. Additionally, I guess it was a good way to teach myself Swift.

Installing & Uninstalling
  • To install, double click on the .prefpane, and you will be prompted to install it.
  • To uninstall, simply Ctrl+Click on the Prefpane icon and remove it, or move the .prefpane file to the Trash.

What's new in SwiftDefaultApps

Version 2.0.1:
  • Signed prefpane, CLI and Dummy apps.
  • Both the prefpane and the CLI version will now automatically try to locate ThisAppDoesNothing.app if it does not appear registered with launch services.
  • SwiftCLI is now built and linked as a static library instead of a framework.
  • Updated to Swift 5
  • The content array is now populated by overriding didSelect() instead of relying on an arbitrary sleep timer.
  • Changed the CLI app's name from lsreg to swda.
  • Messages in both the CLI and Preference Pane are now a bit more verbose.
  • Under the hood, folded most of the app's feedback to the user into a single displayAlert() function.
  • Updated the Swift Package Manager manifest to version 5.
  • Updated the SynchronizedArray code and corrected the attribution; Before, I had inadvertently credited an unrelated project with the same name.
  • Various small optimizations, fixes and text corrections.

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