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Hologram Desktop1.3.2

14 December 2020

Your desktop reimagined.


Hologram lets you theme your desktop with widgets and wallpapers (over 5 million to choose from!).

Widgets allow you to display the weather, date and time, moon phase, system information, and more on your desktop! Customize the look of your widgets by changing their colors, styles, and a variety of settings! Widgets can even automatically change their color theme based on your wallpaper colors!

Get INSTANT access to millions of wallpapers from a variety of image services. See one you like? One-click sets it as your desktop.

Build collections of widgets and wallpapers into themes, and automatically switch between wallpapers at regular intervals. Never get bored with your desktop again!

Changing your desktop wallpaper has traditionally been a laborious process. You would have to visit a wallpaper site, download the image, put it in a folder, launch your system preferences, and set the wallpaper. Those days are over! One-click theming is now a reality!

Hologram makes your Mac desktop more functional, more beautiful, and much more fun!

What's new in Hologram Desktop

Version 1.3.2:
New Widgets
  • Added Frosted Glass Forecast Widget
  • Added Neo Clock Widget
  • Added a temperature chart and more forecast options to Modern Dashboard Widget
  • You can now see which wallpapers have already been added to your theme on the discover page
  • Added a "Get More Widgets" button to the widgets page. You can now find more widgets on our website! Several new widgets have been added!
  • You can now right-click on a wallpaper to show it in the finder, make it active, or delete it
  • Pressing escape when renaming a theme now reverts the change instead of saving it
  • You can now name themes from the themes page, right-click on the theme, and select rename
  • Fixed missing freezing-rain and squall icons in the glass icon pack
  • Fixed a bug where deleting the active theme would not remove the widgets from the desktop
  • Fixed the UI colors when the accessibility setting "Increase Contrast" is enabled
For Widget Developers
  • Added new hologram util API: formatTime
  • Added new hologram timer API: everyHour
  • Added new hidden attribute to widget settings
  • Added ability to disable widget settings based on other settings
  • Added coordinates API
  • Added public IP API
  • Enabled Vue JS warnings in the widget dev server

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1 Reviews of Hologram Desktop

31 December 2020
Version: 1.3.2

Most helpful

great replacement for the underdeveloped geek tool
31 December 2020
Version: 1.3.2
great replacement for the underdeveloped geek tool