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18 January 2021

Window management.


Hummingbird is a macOS utility that makes window management a breeze

Give macOS window management a boost

Easily move and resize windows. Hold modifier keys and drag the mouse to adjust size and position.

No more hunting for corners

Stop hunting for the window edges or title bars. You can even move and resize a window that isn’t showing an edge or title bar at all. It’s like magic.

MacBook users rejoice

Have you ever tried to resize a window on a Macbook and just when you press to click on the trackpad you nudge the cursor over a bit? Bam, instead of resizing you brought another window to the foreground.

It can be infuriating. And it won’t happen with Hummingbird, because you will not have to aim for the window corners nor will you have to click!

Peek behind the curtain

Move or resize windows without bringing them to the foreground. This is especially useful when you just need to nudge a background window over a bit to read something without destroying your artisanally constructed stack of windows.

Great for desktop users as well

You’ve got a huge window that you want to move and resize pixel perfectly into a slot on your giant screen? Instead of mousing between the bottom right and the title bar back and forth, simply toggle your move and resize modifier and avoid any extra mouse movement. Your move and resize target is as big as the whole window.

14 Day Free Trial

Try Hummingbird for 14 days to see how useful a tool it is. You will be delighted not having to hunt for the window edges any longer! Purchase a license right here or from within the app.

What's new in Hummingbird

Version 3.2.0:

Note: Currently available for $9.00

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