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29 September 2020

Flip over your photos, capture your memories.


Do your most important family photos have writing on the back of them? Want to preserve them for the next several generations? Discover QromaFlip. It creates an industry-standard MultiPage TIFF image from the two separate front and back images you have on your computer. Then, use QromaFlips’s Natural Language Tagging engine and your Mac’s built in voice recognition to create a description of the photo.

QromaFlip combs through your description and automatically detects and tags things like dates, locations and the people in your photos. Simply describe your photos your own way, and QromaFlip fills in the details for you and makes your new MultiPage TIFF searchable by embedding industry standard metadata tags to it.

What's new in QromaFlip

Version 2.0.1:
New Features
  • GEDCOM Import - Import your family tree, then use Quick Entry Keywords or Natural Language Tagging to easily tag family members in your photos.
  • Group Tags - Use Group Tags to define a custom keyword that can contain multiple keywords, then breeze through the tagging process.
  • QuickTags - New dropdowns remember your last 15 Natural Language keywords, so you can tag additional images with one click.
  • Location Hints - A new way to get much more precise location detection from Natural Language descriptions. Geotag with ease!
  • AutoNames - AutoNames automatically detects and keyword tags contact names and family tree members from your Natural Language Description.

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