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10 September 2020

Quantitative analysis of biological images.


CellProfiler is free, open-source software for quantitative analysis of biological images. No prior experience in programming or computer vision is required - this page is intended to help you get up and running.

Load an example CellProfiler pipeline, a series of image-processing modules

Adjust the settings to measure the phenotypes of interest in your images

Process images automatically - even millions

Export your data to a spreadsheet or database

Explore your data and classify complex or subtle phenotypes using machine learning in CellProfiler Analyst

What's new in CellProfiler

Version 4.0.0:
Fixed bugs:
  • Thumbnail preview in plateviewer was broken.
  • Densityplot incorrectly always plots ImageNumber on x-axis.
  • Per-object data points were being interpreted as image keys by scatterplot when plotting per-image (x axis) vs. per-object (y axis).

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