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Anno Zorvak1.0

12 August 2020

Dive into pure Energy.


Can you survive in a world made of pure energy, nothing than energy?

Let yourself be immensed into the beautiful, yet deadly world of Zorvak.

Move your robot from the lowest point in the landscape to the highest!

In Order to climb higher you will need energy. You can absorb energy from the objects in the level, mainly trees, robots, guards.

To reach the next level you have to climb to the highest point and absorb the highest guard. Stack boulders on an empty new Field in the landscape, on top of the boulder-stack spawn a new robot, finally transfer yourself into that new robot in order to increase your height-level. Always absorb abandoned robots, boulders, trees to gain energy. Don't Forget to avoid the guard's glance !!!

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Version 1.0:
  • Initial release.

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