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Redis Desktop Manager2020.6.141

30 November 2020

Redis databases graphical user interface.


Redis Desktop Manager (aka RDM) offers you an easy-to-use GUI to access your Redis databases and perform some basic operations:

  • View keys as a tree
  • CRUD keys
  • Analyse memory usage for entire DB or for selected namespace in tree-view (redis-server >= 4.0 is required)
  • List currently connected clients, opened Pub/Sub channels and Slow log commands
  • Execute commands via shell

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RDM allows to perform bulk operations which simplifies developer daily routines:

  • Copy data between databases (copy data from production env to dev env for debugging or migrate your project to another cloud provider)
  • Import data from RDB files - you can easily split data from large rdb files to multiple smaller redis-servers or import only subset of data (like user session data)
  • Set TTL for multiple keys
  • Delete keys matching glob-pattern

RDM supports SSL/TLS encryption, SSH tunnels and cloud Redis instances such as: Amazon ElastiCache (In-Transit encryption is also supported via TLS-over-SSH), Microsoft Azure Redis Cache and Redis Labs.

What's new in Redis Desktop Manager

Version 2020.6.141:
  • Added filters history
  • Improved handling of cluster redirects
  • Fixed formatters

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