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Effortless for Mac2.0.25

06 August 2020

Stay focused on your task, do one thing at a time.

What is Effortless for Mac

Effortless is a Mac menu bar app that helps you stay focused on one thing at a time. It allows you to create a simple plaintext to-do list and shows the task you're currently working on your menu bar. Effortless also keeps track of how long you plan to work on each task and features a countdown timer to help you manage your time

What's new in Effortless

Version 2.0.25:
  • The time associated with tasks in the task list is now updated as time elapses or when 5 minutes are added
  • Fixed bug where "Time's Up" notifications were not being shown in macOS Catalina
  • Fixed bug where pause/unpause text would get out of sync
  • General performance and user interface improvements

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