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JXCirrus Diary for Mac3.4.0

02 January 2021

Calendar and your to-do list.

What is JXCirrus Diary for Mac

Life can be very complex. Sometimes you find yourself staring at a 2-page to-do list wondering where to start.

JXCirrus Diary makes sense out of the chaos by taking your to-do list and calendar answering two important questions:

  • Can I fit everything in?
  • What should I work on first?

Enter your calendar and your to-do list, and JXCirrus Diary will fit them altogether into a complete plan for the next 9 months. It will try to make sure tasks are finished by their due date, and high priority tasks are finished first. Once it has this plan, it can tell you whether you can fit everything in, and what you ought to work on first.

At its most basic, JXCirrus Diary is a combination of calendar, to-do list, addressbook and journal. You can enter your list of jobs for the week, and tick them off as you finish them. It is nice and quick to enter the information, and JXCirrus Diary will warn you when tasks or appointments are due.

JXCirrus Diary will scale happily to full-sized projects with thousands of interrelated tasks. Use it at work to plan and track jobs months in advance. Use it at home to plan your big D.I.Y job. Self employed people can use it to plan and quote all upcoming work. Think of it as a personal project planning tool.

Some of the features are:
  • Arrange your data however you like using the flexible list/tree view.
  • Calendar views show you what is planned for the day, week or month.
  • A summary view shows you what tasks should be done first and which tasks look like finishing late.
  • Handle events and journal entries in different timezones.
  • Easily save your data to cloud services to access your calendar from anywhere.
  • Record and review the actual time that you spend on tasks.
  • Advanced repeating tasks and appointments can take holidays and other events into account.
  • Handles tasks that cannot be started until other tasks have finished.
  • Split your days into working hours and home hours for improved planning.

Note: While the software is classified as free, it offers in-App Purchases.

Diary+ $5.99
Diary++ $15.99

What's new in JXCirrus Diary

Version 3.4.0:
  • Function to recalculate repeating tasks after editing work hours.
  • Improved the order of tasks on the Summary Page.
  • Allow list selection by keystroke.
  • Standardise keyboard shortcuts for JXCirrus apps.
  • Allow macros to open a URL.
  • Better processing of quick notes.
  • Improved estimation of completion dates.
  • Improved information to help resolve overdue tasks.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an uncommon crash when loading CSV data.
  • Fix a bug with moving entries with links to them.
  • Fixed a bug slowing down search.

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