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24 June 2020

Have your pictures sorted on time.


Sorty lets you sort pictures by doing very basic actions with the keyboard and the mouse, automatically creating folders and copying/moving pictures into them behind the scene. No more slow and tricky drag and drop. The nightmare of using several file explorers is over. Last but not least: Sorty is also able to detect burst as well as suggesting tags that you only have to validate

As fast as easy to use:

A few well-chosen keyboard shortcuts allows you easily and quickly use the tool. They are pre-configured, but you can change them if you like

Tagging strategies:

Sorty supports three tagging strategies (1) one folder per tag, (2) CSV file and (3) IPTC. Everything you used to do with files and folders still applies. No proprietary file format, no vendor lock-in

Always on time:

Sorty continuously measures the speed at which you progress, and gives you an indication of the remaining work time. It helps you in giving the pictures to your customers on time

Always on the safe side:

Sorty continuously saves the work done on your drive. You never have to save anything. And accidentally closing it or running out of battery does not scratch all your work. Just re-open your folder of pictures, and continue working

Team friendly:

Splitting the work across your team is as easy as 1,2,3. Split the set of pictures you have to sort in separate folders, one per person. Let the people sort his own set with his own Sorty. Merge the sorted folders into a single one, and you are done!

Burst detection:

Sorty is able to detect burst of pictures. When encountering a burst of pictures, all you have to do is tagging the first one, and Sorty will tag the others automatically

Cycle detection:

For pictures that come back regularly (e.g.: motorbikes riding on a track), Sorty is able to suggest tags that you only have to validate, or change if not correct

Unchanged quality:

Sorty does not modify your pictures, but only copy or move them to folders

What's new in Sorty

Version 1.5.1:
  • Bug fixes

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