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Nordic Warriors4.19.9

21 June 2020

Battle your way in an RTT game.


Inspired by the classic game "Myth", Nordic Warriors is a Real Time Tactical game set in a world descending into an existential struggle for survival. You'll need smart strategy combined with tactical skills to survive the onslaught of undead hordes and their sorcerer allies. Come face to face with heroes, legends, demons and gods as you fight through the middle world and even enter the gates of Hel itself.

Key Features
  • A REAL Real Time Tactical gameplay in a pre-medieval era battleground environment.
  • Classic Myth-a-like RTS action.
  • Master a variety of friendly units from warriors wielding swords and axes, to Shield Maidens and archers, explosive expert Alchemists and even stranger allies.
  • Use mighty magics to blast or distract your foes, convert some enemies to friends and attempt to survive the onslaught. Or die trying.
  • Battle across a variety of landscapes and take the fight beyond the gates of Hel itself.
  • Quest for lost artifacts, explore terrain crawling with the armies of evil and work your way towards survival.
  • Use every feature of the landscape to gain advantage against a sea of implacable foes.
  • 14 levels of mythic mayhem and desperate action.
  • 4 levels of difficulty:
    • Peasant The units under your command are made of adamantine, shrugging off magical attacks with ease, cleave through the mindless shuffling hordes of decaying undead and their pathetic masters.
    • Warrior you will weary blunting your weapons on the endless hordes of shambling horrors.
    • Hero brings more challenge and despair to those who are not swift, decisive… and lucky.
    • Ragnarok will test the mettle of even the fiercest commanders: prepare for destruction!
  • Slaughter anyone or anything that comes by. Yes, even a deer or your friendly neighbor.
  • You can blow up some stuff. Have fun figuring them out.

What's new in Nordic Warriors

Version 4.19.9:
  • Initial release.

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