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Avalanche Unlimited1.0.1

10 June 2020

Migrate your photo librairies between popular apps such as Apple Aperture, Adobe Lightroom, Skylum Luminar 4.


Migrate your photo librairies between popular apps such as Apple Aperture, Adobe Lightroom, Skylum Luminar 4. Avalanche Unlimited is an incredibly powerful and smart photo library migration tool designed exclusively for Mac. Free yourself from the constraints of having your photos in apps you no longer want to use, no longer own, or cannot run on your latest OS version. Let Avalanche help you transfer your managed photos from one application to another without losing any data, and while preserving all your edits.

Easy to Use
  • All intuitive and modern interface to access all the catalogs on all your disk.
  • Support for drag and drop
  • Analyze the content of your catalogs prior to conversion (masters, versions,...)
  • Accurate and highly visual migration progress.
  • Keep track of the converted catalogs, their locations, their source.
  • Easily launch the source or destination app from within Avalanche.
Safe and secure
  • Avalanche will never modify your source catalog.
  • All the catalog and image processing is run locally. **High fidelity and customization**
  • Full support for migrating masters, versions, both for pictures and videos.
  • All your annotations (all IPTC fields), keywords, face detections are fully migrated
  • All your collections, albums, sets, stacks, projects are fully migrated. Avalanche will try to replicate the organization features present in the source catalog.
  • Full support for managed and referenced images.
  • Full support for images on offline volumes.
  • Many output options to control the location, copy rules and organization of images in their new destination.
  • Many fallback strategies when the destination catalog does not support the same set of features as the source. **Migration enhanced by Machine Learning**
  • All standard edits (white balance, light, color) are migrated using ML in such a way that the image will look the same in the destination catalog.
  • Black and White conversion is fully supported using ML for highest fidelity.

What's new in Avalanche Unlimited

Version 1.0.1:
New features
  • This is the initial release of Avalanche Unlimited.

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