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GZDoom for Mac4.7.0

24 September 2021

Doom source port for the modern era.

What is GZDoom for Mac

ZDoom is a source port for the modern era, supporting current hardware and operating systems and sporting a vast array of user options. Make Doom your own again!

Maximum Game Support

In addition to Doom, ZDoom supports Heretic, Hexen, Strife, Chex Quest, and fan-created games like Harmony and Hacx. Meet the entire idTech 1 family!

Limitless Mod Potential

Experience mind-bending user-created mods, made possible by ZDoom's advanced mapping features and the new ZScript language. Or make a mod of your own!

What's new in GZDoom

Version 4.7.0:
  • Widescreen graphics for Strife
  • New GLES backend for better performance on OpenGL 3.3 and early 4.x hardware.
  • MBF21 support (still in beta and not fully tested yet, bug reports are welcome)
  • DEHEXTRA working properly now
  • Various enhancements and fixes for ZScript.
  • Fixed vertex generation when splitting walls by planes on old hardware.
  • Menu system update from Raze for better control of animated menus.
  • GLES fixed: The weapon sprite must be rendered with the fullscreen colormap on.
  • Use explicit virtual screen sizes for the scripted intermission backgrounds to better cope with background replacements.
  • Fix compatibility handler for KDiZD's Z1M3.
  • Fixed: "Dialogue" in MAPINFO must clear all "AddDialogues" that came before.
  • Fixed melee attack disance being off after adding MBF21 support.
  • Fixed: Decal things did not spawn their lower decals.
  • Fixed texture clamping for elements that are partially behind a slope.
  • Fixed bad parameter order in MinoraurSlam.
  • Consider 'Program Files' a read only location without actually checking.
  • Fixed: 3D floor model sectors were not added to the sector lists for precise rendering.
  • Removed the redundant gl_render_precise CVAR.
  • Fixed: colors from brightmaps and glowmaps need to be desaturated.
  • Fixed: shaders with NO_LAYERS defined may not apply brightmap and glowmap.
  • Vulkan: Limit texture upload transfer buffers to roughly 64 MB
  • Marked several invisible controller things to not show on the automap with the scanner powerup.
  • Treat 'vid_adapter 0' as what Windows considers the primary monitor.
  • Fixed: Brightmap application for horizons was undefined..
  • Replaces "BS" and "ED" on the on-screen keyboards with the symbols normally found on the keyboard for these actions.
  • Enable cvar blacklisting for defcvars for certain platform variables
  • Demote unknown/invalid defcvars to warnings
  • Split defcvars parser into its own file
  • Fix options search when menus are defined recursively
  • Exported STAYONLIFT flag.
  • Added a modified version of MBF's stay-on-lift feature.
  • Fixed crash on getting location description without a level
  • Block user overrides for the logic module of core fragment shaders.
  • Added missing MBF21 Dehacked keys "blood color" and "dropped item".
  • Implemented MBF's monsters_avoid_hazards feature.
  • Added a map flag to disable MF6_JUMPDOWN.
  • Added a per-level AVOIDMELEE flag.
  • Allow passing a remap table to BestColor.
  • Hud models: add nullptr check for psprites without caller.
  • Removed the unused palette parameter from the V_GetColor family of functions.
  • Add FOV slider to the display options menu
  • Added a null check to CheckWeaponChange.
  • Replaced the alt HUD's index font with a sheet based variant.
  • Changed FString API to use ptrdiff_t instead of long for signed size arguments.
  • Fixed IsHUDModelForPlayerAvailable limitation.
  • Look up HUD models by referencing the psprite's caller, rather than player's ReadyWeapon.
  • Allow Strife hands psprite to be a model.
  • Fixed: crushing stairs must use HexenCrush mode.
  • Extended 2D buffer lifetime to the end of the frame
  • Use RefCountedPtr to manage 2D shape buffer infos
  • Added RefCountedBase without virtual destructor
  • Made RefCountedPtr follow rule of five
  • Make RenderCommands able to use Shape2D vertex buffers past the Shape2D's lifetime without crashing
  • Fixed line color handling in V_BreakLines.
  • Run the dynamic light recreation loop before calling the light ticker.
  • Fixed: instead of checking gl_lights, better check Level->HasDynamicLights.
  • Do not run the dynamic light ticker when lights are switched off.
  • Ensure that shadowmap indices only get set when shadowmaps are enabled.
  • Fixed file system's zip loader to not strip away a 'filter/' prefix.
  • Do not perform shadowmap updates when dynamic lights are disabled.
  • Moved the CheckForRestart call one level up so that it is within the Windows code and does not need #ifdefs.
  • Delay the restart action from the error pane until after everything has been shut down.
  • Use proper XMove for sheet fonts.
  • Use original menu spacing for skill and episode menus if all elements are patches.
  • Fixed: the software scene drawer must be deleted before calling ST_Endoom.
  • Reorder evaluation for 'if' statements to handle the condition first. Otherwise this won't emit errors if a bad condition is used with an empty conditional part.
  • Fixed exploding barrel animation duration.
  • Fixed two vr_* CVARs not getting archived.
  • Dim depleted inventory items in all games, not just Strife.
  • Fixed: palette index 0 (transparent) was left uninitialized for BMF fonts.
  • Fixed: P_RoughMonsterSearch did not pass the fov parameter to its worker functions.
  • Fixed BlockThingsIterator to not reset its list of processed actors when traversing portals.
  • Fixed patch version in compatibility implementation of macOS detection
  • Destroy stale thinkers after change level failure
  • Fixed crash after change level failure
  • SDL2: Properly print white bold text to the screen
  • Merged gzdoom-gles2 backend
  • Use proper music check in 'idmus' CCMD.
  • Voc loader fix.
  • Better prefix detection in Zip loader.
  • SDL Vulkan init.
  • Disabling of shadowmap management when the feature is off.
  • Extend the changemap command to allow warping to next or nextsecret.
  • Fixed crash after fatal error in SDL backend
  • Fixed premature destruction of status bar
  • Fixed EBlastFlags enum definition
  • Add 'BF_ONLYVISIBLETHINGS' Flag to A_Blast
  • Fixed typo in Heretic light definition.
  • Fix wrong thiswad check for materials too.
  • Fix /0 error caused by having a completely black font character. this error was triggered by Return of the Triad.
  • MBF21 beta implementation
  • Corrected the NUL checks in S_FindSkinnedSound.
  • Moved Doom specific font init code out of the backend.
  • Fixed crash calling ChangeSky() with an invalid texture.
  • Added APROP_Soundclass
  • Added fallback to the parenthesis glyphs for the braces.
  • Font system overhaul.
  • Add some new optional parameters to A_SprayDecal.
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  • OS X 10.9.0 or later
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