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Disk ARchive2.6.10

01 June 2020

Command-line backup utility.


Disk ARchive (also known as dar) is a shell command that backs up from a single file to a whole filesystems, taking care of hard links, Extended Attributes, sparse files, MacOS's file forks, any inode type (including Solaris Door inodes), etc. It is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It relies on the libdar library and its APplication Interface (API), which is the core part of dar programs; as such, this library is released under the GPL along with dar

Full list of features is available here

What's new in Disk ARchive

Version 2.6.10:
  • Update the configure script to handle some undocumented --enable-* options that existed but were not expected to be used
  • Fixed spelling in darrc comments
  • Fixed bug in dar_split that could occur in very rare conditions
  • Fixed EA support build failure due to what seems to be a change in Linux kernel header
  • Fixed symbol conflict with s_host of in.h on omniOS platform

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