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Android NDK21.3.6528147

11 June 2020

Implement parts of your app in native code with C and C++.


The Android NDK is a toolset that lets you implement parts of your app in native code, using languages such as C and C++. For certain types of apps, this can help you reuse code libraries written in those languages.

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What's new in Android NDK

Version 21.3.6528147 (R21d):
  • LLD is now available for testing. AOSP is in the process of switching to using LLD by default and the NDK will follow (timeline unknown). Test LLD in your app by passing -fuse-ld=lld when linking.
  • 32-bit Windows is no longer supported. This does not affect the vast majority of users. If you do still need to build NDK apps from 32-bit versions of Windows, continue using NDK r20.
  • For more information on this change within Android Developer tools, see the blog post on the topic.
  • LLD is now available for testing. AOSP has switched to using LLD by default and the NDK will follow (timeline unknown). Test LLD in your app by passing `-fuse-ld=lld` when linking. Note that Issue 843 will affect builds using LLD with binutils strip and objcopy as opposed to llvm-strip and llvm-objcopy.
  • The legacy toolchain install paths will be removed over the coming releases. These paths have been obsolete since NDK r19 and take up a considerable amount of space in the NDK. The paths being removed are: platforms; sources/cxx-stl; sysroot; toolchains (with the exception of toolchains/llvm)
  • In general this change should only affect build system maintainers, or those using build systems that are not up to date. ndk-build and the CMake toolchain users are unaffected, and neither are `` users (though that script has been unnecessary since r19). For information on migrating away from the legacy toolchain layout, see the Build System Maintainers Guide for the NDK version you're using.
  • The Play Store will require 64-bit support when uploading an APK beginning in August 2019. Start porting now to avoid surprises when the time comes. For more information, see this blog post.
  • A macOS app bundle that is signed and notarized is now available for download from our wiki and our website. Note that because only bundles may use RPATHs and pass notarization, the traditional NDK package for macOS cannot be notarized. The SDK will continue to use the traditional package as the app bundle requires layout changes that would make it incompatible with Android Studio. The NDK is not quarantined when it is downloaded via the SDK manager, so is curently allowed by Gatekeeper. The SDK manager is currently the most reliable way to get the NDK formacOS.

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