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07 June 2020

An open-source, free-to-use game development solution.


Gideros is a free and open sourced game development solution that provides the cross-platform technology to create amazing games. In a couple of hours, you’ll find yourself building and running your next great game.

Some Benefits of Gideros:
It's FREE:

Gideros is FREE and Open Sourced and there are no limitations to developing and publishing apps

Instant testing:

While developing your game, it can be tested on a real device through Wifi in only 1 second - you don’t waste your time with an export or deploy process.

Native speed:

Developed on top of C/C++ and OpenGL, your game runs at native speed and fully utilizes the power of CPUs and GPUs underneath.


You can easily extend the core with plugins. Import your existing (C, C++, Java or Obj-C) code, bind to Lua and interpret them directly. Dozens of open-source plugins are already developed and ready to use.

Clean OOP approach:

Gideros provides its own class system with all the basic OOP standards, enabling you to write clean and reusable code for any of your future games.

Full dev set:

Get everything you need from the start, including lightweight IDE, players for Desktop and devices, Texture packer, Font Creator and there are also lots of 3rd party tools.

Fast development:

Easy learning curve, instant testing, OOP coding practices and ability to create needed custom plugins reduces the development time. And because of reusable code, each your next app will be developed even faster.


Apart from supporting multiple platforms, Gideros also provides automatic screen scaling and automatic selecting of proper image resolution, which makes supporting different screen resolutions and creating universal projects an easy task.

What's new in Gideros

Version 2020.5.1:

Note: While the software is classified as free, it is actually donationware. Please consider making a donation to help support development.

New features:
  • [gfx] TextField Layout: add alignx and aligny parameters
  • [plugin/gsfxr] UWP port
  • [plugin/ads] Fix gplugin file
  • [player] Fix Always on top functionnality
  • [gfx] Don't rely on rt:clear() honoring the clipping
  • [xmp] Fix file loading random errors
  • [uwp] Fix alpha blending issues
  • [uwp] Avoid throwing an exception on player probing
  • [dx11/shaders] Don't discard pixels for plain color shaders

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