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20 May 2020

MS/MS proteomics experiments visualization.


Scaffold helps you visualize and validate complex MS/MS proteomics experiments

  • Compare samples to identify biological relevance
  • Identify regulated isoforms and protein PTMs
  • Drill down into spectrum details and counts
  • Identify proteins intuitively and confidently
  • Create comprehensive lists of target proteins
  • Classify proteins by molecular function or organelle
  • Harness high through-put batch processing

What's new in Scaffold

Version 4.11.0:
Scaffold Q+ Features:
  • Added support for TMTpro 16plex quantification
  • Revised and expanded the purity correction dialog
  • Added the start and stop position in the protein sequence to the Peptides Table
Scaffold Q+ Bug Fixes:
  • Removed normalization constants for unused samples from the Publish View
Scaffold Features:
  • Added the ability to calculate peptide probabilities using Percolator scores from Proteome Discoverer
  • Added a warning about use of the condense during loading option
  • Added support for Byonic 3.8.13
  • Added an Alternate ID column to reports

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