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Java OpenStreetMap Editor16239 SVN

12 May 2020

Java-based Open Street Map Editor.


JOSM is an extensible editor for OpenStreetMap (OSM) for Java 8+.

It supports loading GPX tracks, background imagery, and OSM data from local sources as well as from online sources and allows to edit the OSM data (nodes, ways, and relations) and their metadata tags.

What's new in Java OpenStreetMap Editor

Version 16239 SVN:
Medium enhancements
  • MapCSS: add support for text-rotation
  • Switch to JOSM search syntax in Overpass Turbo Query Wizard
  • Add color chooser to presets and display the color in the Properties dialog
  • Support setting changeset tags during /import call
  • Jump to Position: jump to place name added
Minor enhancements
  • Improve handling of preferences backup file
  • Improve split ways action
  • SearchCompiler: regexp comparison using
  • Presets: add popup menu to keys
  • PresetLink: allow to customize label text and UI position
  • #18670, #19042, #19089, #19104, #19105, Improve Unglue action
  • GeoJSONReader: reuse node on same position to avoid multiple nodes on top of each other. Avoid creating unconnected polygons.
  • InspectPrimitiveDialog: improve mapstyle summary
  • Improve warning message for actions outside of downloaded area
  • Update data: don't download full relations at "Check on server" for "deleted or moved objects"
  • Improve TagInfoExtract (used on taginfo projects, example)
  • Update OSMCha URL
  • Improve mapview at low zoom when drawing of way directions arrows is enabled
  • Improve History (Ctrl+H) when multiple objects are selected
  • HiDPISupport: use static initializer, drop Optional use
Add/improve/fix/change Internal Presets, Map Paint Style and Validation rules:
  • Improve "End node near other way" test
  • Opening hours syntax: validate opening_hours:covid19
  • Fine tune some presets object types and mappaint style
  • Improve Validator Ignore list handling
  • Add information=route_marker
  • Add icon for craft=photographer
  • Replace some icons by svg
  • Improve some validator messages
  • Flag combination of major highway type (trunk .. residential) and crossing=*
  • Add shop=storage_rental
  • Add recycling materials wood, beverage_cartons, paper_packaging, books, magazines, newspaper and sort all "topical"
  • Improve label of preset_link of "fixme", "note" and "description"
  • Display addr:unit and addr:flats in the MapView too
  • Add surface to some sport presets and hoops to basketball
  • Add preset and validator rules for connectivity relations
  • Require to add unit to maxstay tag, rework preset and add validator rules with autofixes for the most common cases
  • Improve unclosed ways test
  • Don't warn about "Way end node near other way" for railway=razed
  • Add own icon for information=audioguide
  • Make values of key wall searchable
  • Include level key in steps preset
  • Improve validation for the key seats
  • Add automated check to car wash presets
  • Don't warn about "Unknown source:maxspeed context" for zone 10 and zone 60
  • Use the same mappaint style for landuse=construction multipolygons like for closed ways

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