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OpenCL Benchmark2.0

07 May 2020

A benchmarking utility for OpenCL (Legacy).


OpenCL Benchmark, for Snow Leopard only with:

  • NVIDIA: 8xxx(M), 9xxx(M), GT1xx, GT2xx, GTX2xx
  • ATI: 4850, 4870 - maybe 10.6.2 update needed to run withput failures

OPENCL - background information:

  • OpenCL is an API for universal GPU(CPU) computing, Mac OS X 10.6 supports that
  • Main difference to CUDA / ATI STEAM is: both APIs ate vendor specific.A CUDA (NV) app like badaboom(h264 on GPU) can't work on an ATI gpu and vice versa
  • OpenCL is universal means:
  • Xcode compiles an code which includes the source (C like) for the gpu That source is , different to CUDA/ATI STEAM, compiled later by OpenCL at runtime ! So same App can run on complete different gpus and also , without/less code change on CPU if no OPENCL gpu (newer ones) is available. GPU advantadge may vary - from 2 up to 40 faster, depends GPU type and CPU´s typeOpenCL speedup could be even faster, if the memory transfer/access between GPU and CPU would be faster. PCIe Memory Transferlimit outperforms such GPUs like GTX285. I believe in 2011+ some new PCIe Versions will be developed for higher bandwidth over PCIe

What's new in OpenCL Benchmark

Version 2.0:
  • Added 3 OpenCl benches/demos from Nvidia (may run on ATI latzer with 10.6.2)
  • Teapot - very much difference between CPU and GPU
  • Memory Bandwithtest:
    • Shows CPU<>GPU bottleneck for memory transfers over PCIe
    • Volume Renderer

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