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21 April 2020

Flow Timer with Work Intervals and Breaks.


Flow is a tiny but mighty app that helps you working on a task, studying for school or simply keeping focus without being distracted for a certain amount of time. Flow divides your workflow into sections with defined breaks and thereby enables you to stay focused easily. This method is scientifically proven to be efficient in increasing your focus and motivation while reducing stress. The use of a pomodoro timer can increase your productivity significantly.

I always use Flow when ...
... having to concentrate
... working on a task
... studying for an exam
... developing a project
... coding all night long
... in Home Office

Benefits of this Technique
  • More Focus and Concentration
  • Increased Productivity
  • Less Stress
  • Better Management of Interruptions
  • Keeping high Motivation Levels
  • Reinforcing Determination in order to achieve something
  • Flow Timer with Work Intervals and Breaks
  • Blacklist Apps to prevent Distraction
  • Statistics of your completed Flows
  • Right Click Status Bar Item for quick Start & Stop
  • Easy Keyboard Shortcut for quick Start & Stop (cmd+f)
  • Optional Desktop Notifications
  • Minimalistic Design with no Dock Icon
  • Compatible with Dark Mode
  • Gentle on your RAM and Processor
  • Compatible with all modern macOS Versions
  • Optimized for macOS Catalina
  • Translated into many languages

What's new in Flow

Version 1.4.2:
  • Start Flows automatically (optional)
  • Shortcut (cmd + h) to hide app window
  • Italian translation

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