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21 April 2020

Combine records from two lists.


ListJoiner is an application that can quickly and easily combine records from two lists. A JOIN is a means for combining fields from two lists by using values common to each (for example if you have two lists and both lists have a column named „Order ID"). You can join the two lists by specifying the column number of the column that is common to each list.

ListJoiner supports two different ways to combine two lists:

  • Inner join: Selects all records from list 1 and list 2, where the join condition is met. An inner join returns records at the intersection of the two lists.
  • Left join: Selects all records from list 1, along with records from list 2 for which the join condition is met (if at all). A left join returns all records from list 1 and any matching records from list 2.

You can export the joined list to a CSV-file which you can later open/edit with a spreadsheet application.

What's new in ListJoiner

Version 1.0.2:
  • Improved compatibility when importing CSV-files..

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