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25 August 2020

Software for scientific data analysis.


Past is free software for scientific data analysis, with functions for data manipulation, plotting, univariate and multivariate statistics, ecological analysis, time series and spatial analysis, morphometrics and stratigraphy.

Simple yet powerful scientific data analysis solution

The Past user interface is represented by a single window where you can visualize the imported data. Note that Past can extract information from text files, and you get to decide how it should be organized.

Moreover, Past also enables you to remove the rows or columns that contain irrelevant information, to add new ones, or to simply reorganize the information.

Via the app’s top toolbar you can choose to see the row or columns attributes, to change the selection mode, to activate the bands function and see the rows better, and more.

What's new in Past

Version 4.03:

Note: Although Finder indicates that this is version 4.0.0, the developer states that this is version 4.03.

  • Redundancy Analysis (RDA)
  • One-way PerMANOVA now includes repeated-measures (paired) design.
  • Color selector for rows reverted to old (pre 4.02) type (new type optional in the Row colors/symbols module)
  • Diversity module: Bootstrapping made optional, and speed improvement
  • Permutation test added to repeated-measured ANOVA
  • NMDS now reports distances to group centroids
  • Individual rarefaction now includes option for plotting all samples at smallest N
  • Mann-Kendall test now reports the z statistic with sign (not absolute value)
  • Help text added to 16 modules
  • Bug fix: Changepoint analysis crashed on Mac
  • Bug fix: Bivariate linear regression with log-log transformation: reported residuals were not transformed
  • Bug fix: Incorrect plotting of convex hulls in some special cases
  • Bug fix: Delete uninformative rows did not work for genetic data

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