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Jitsi Meet2.3.0

08 July 2020

Open-source client Jitsi Meet.


Desktop application for Jitsi Meet built with Electron.

Jitsi Meet is not the same as Jitsi (Desktop). It's the open-source client that works with the equally open-source Jitsi server. Most features are identical to the web version which runs in any web browser, however, there's one big difference: If you want your computer to be remote-controlled, you have to use this client because the web version cannot acquire the necessary permissions to let the mouse and keyboard be controlled remotely through the web browser. This is a very useful feature e.g. for pair programming or in-house support.

  • Works with any Jitsi Meet deployment
  • Local settings
  • Builtin auto-updates
  • Remote control
  • Always-On-Top window

What's new in Jitsi Meet

Version 2.3.0:
  • Update Electron to 9.0.5
  • Remove no longer used dependency
  • Drop pre-commit hook
  • Add GH Action to run the linter
  • Temporarily disable remote control
  • Add spanish localization
  • Open the conference with the app locale
  • Add Russian localization
  • Share logic for opening external links
  • Increase default timeout to 30 seconds
  • Add FR support
  • Add german and italian
  • Introduce internationalisation
  • Define Node.js 12 as requirement
  • Add button to remove conference from recents list
  • Silence webpack asset size warnings
  • Bundle external API
  • Add protocol to open conference links with the app
  • Add Application command line flag support for devtools
  • Add SHOW_DEV_TOOLS environment variable

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