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09 July 2020

Browser where you can organize your apps.


Set your favorite apps on Biscuit, and they will function immediately. You won't need to spend time looking for your apps within your mountain of tabs.

  • Clearly separate your work and your personal stuff - Keep on top of your work and personal accounts
  • Individual sessions for each app - App sessions are not shared within the browser, meaning each app operates privately. Apps like Google, Twitter, Facebook, GitHub and their accounts will be isolated and will perform safely.
  • Related tabs will be organized automatically - Links to Google Drive in your Gmail or links on Backlog will automatically open as tabs from the app.
  • No problem if you use multiple chat tools between projects. - Do you use different chat tools or project management tools depending on the project? With Biscuit, you can separate your apps according to the project.
  • Register apps with ease from the app list - Biscuit supports a wide range of apps. Apps that are not included in the list can be set up using the URL. If you'd like to officially add an app to the list, please send in the request form or give us a shout on Twitter.
  • You can set notifications freely for each app - Biscuit supports notifications for apps. Notifications can be set on/off depending on the app. You also have the option of muting all notifications so you can focus on your work.

What's new in Biscuit

Version 1.2.9:
  • Small bugs.
  • An issue where Biscuit would not start on Linux.

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